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You're living in your own private Kyoto

sydney declaration

1. Mike Atherton's closure of England's innings at the SCG when Graeme Hick was 98 not out.

2. An aspirational emission of greenhouse gases not worth the paper it is written on.

It's over. Martial law is gradually winding down and Mister Iemma is Tearing Down That Wall. GW Bush has found the right exit and left Austria following the conclusion of OPEC.

And Prime Minister Walter Mitty and First Lady Hyacinth have had their moment of glory. Walt stood with his twenty classmates on the steps of the Opera House in their new Government Issue raincoats for the photograph that the Mitty grandkids will share forever.

But the one thing that Walt really wanted, was his. A "Sydney Declaration". It didn't matter what was in the Sydney Declaration. He had a document that would turn "Sydney" into an iconic™ brand name to blot out "Kyoto".

Indeed, so stoked was Walt that at the closing press conference on Sunday he repeatedly described China, Russia and the USA collectively as "The Major Polluters".

And so, in the tradition of the Darwin Declaration, here, in PDF format, is the Sydney Declaration.