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You're living in your own private Kyoto

sydney declaration

1. Mike Atherton's closure of England's innings at the SCG when Graeme Hick was 98 not out.

2. An aspirational emission of greenhouse gases not worth the paper it is written on.

It's over. Martial law is gradually winding down and Mister Iemma is Tearing Down That Wall. GW Bush has found the right exit and left Austria following the conclusion of OPEC.

You can look, but you can't snap

This really is one of Australia's darkest weeks as an independent nation. Parts of Sydney including the Opera House, Botanic Gardens and Circular Quay have been fenced off for the APEC gabfests. It's been called the biggest security operation in Australia since the 2000 Olympics. But at least with the Olympic Games, it was a celebratory occasion for all to join in. This is just a paranoid exercise in keeping Them (in upper case) away from us (in lower case).

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More proof that Sydney is a US colony

With memories of Dick Cheney's Excellent Sydney Adventure still fresh in our minds, and with the clock counting down to the Avagoodweegend Brought To You By APEC, comes today's arrival in Sydney of the USS Kitty Hawk.

Together with the exclusion zone in several harbourside suburbs and the resultant towing away of cars belonging to miscreant owners who dare to park them outside their houses.

The Darwin Declaration: the declaration you have when you have nothing to declare

"We determined that addressing the challenges of energy security and sustainable development should be based on well-functioning markets that are progressively characterised by free and open trade, secure and transparent frameworks for investment, market-based price signals, market transparency, good governance and effective competition."

- Paragraph 5, The Darwin Declaration on Achieving Energy Security and Sustainable Development through Efficiency, Conservation and Diversity, 29.5.07

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