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Vote early, vote once. Vote out the dessicated coconut.

Today I voted in my twelfth House of Representatives election. For the first time, I have not given my first preference to a Labor candidate.

As in 2004, I'm laying my voting cards on the table in full. In the House of Representatives seat of Grayndler:

3 Pip Hinman (Socialist Alliance)
5 Daniel Caffery (Liberal Party)
6 Ehab Hennien (Christian Democratic Party (FNG))
2 Anthony Albanese (Australian Labor Party)
7 Patrick O'Connor (Socialist Equality Party)
1 Saeed Khan (The Greens)
4 Jeffrey Gabriel (Australian Democrats)

Senate, New South Wales:
Above the line, 1: Group G (The Greens) - Kerry Nettle, David Shoebridge, Marcia Ella-Duncan, Jack Mundey, Christina Ho, Sandra Heilpern.

The Greens' preferences in the Senate are being directed as follows:
7-8: Group E (Climate Change Coalition);
9-10: Group H (What Women Want (Australia)) err this is the one;
11-14: Group F (Socialist Alliance);
15-16: Group P;
17-18: Group J;
19-21: Group M (Australian Democrats);
22-23, 26-27: Group Y (Carers Alliance);
24-25: Group L (Senator Online);
28-29: Group V;
30-31: Group W (Socialist Equality Party);
32-33: Group K (Hear Our Voice);
34-39: Group W (Australian Labor Party);
40-41: Group N (Conservatives for Climate and Environment);
42-43: Group I (Liberty and Democracy Party);
44-45: Group C (Family First);
46-47: Group O (Democratic Labor Party);
48-49: Group Q (The Fishing Party);
50-51: Group B (Citizens Electoral Council);
52-56: Group U (Australian Shooters Party/Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party);
57-58: Group T (Non Custodial Party (Equal Parenting));
59-60: Group D (Pauline's United Australia Party);
61-65: Group R (Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group));
66-69: Group S (One Nation);
70-73: Ungrouped independents;
74-79: Group A (Liberal/Nationals).