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June 2005

Bob and Norah go Up The Amazon

This has to be the most bizarre act of convergence I've ever come across. Bob Dylan and Norah Jones are performing in a concert in Seattle on July 16 to mark the tenth birthday of, which will stream the event live on its homepage. Billboard has a report, while the Pantheon of New Consumerism will have progress reports. (What, no black artists, you say? And how can you have a Show of Thanks in Seattle without any Seattle musicians?

Random thoughts during NWS 5

In my BBC interview on Tuesday, Rhod Sharp described me as "following the NatWest Series avidly". I have no idea how he arrived at that conclusion. I went to bed on Saturday when Bangladesh were crawling along at 3.0 runs per over against Australia. I was asleep when Kevin Pietersen went berko on Sunday and I'll probably be snoring through his three-ball duck later tonight. And I don't have Fox Sports these days so I can't see the England-Bangladesh games.

On the BBC

I was interviewed by BBC Radio Five Live earlier today as part of their weekly Pods and Blogs program during their overnight shift. It's a program where they discuss current events through the eyes of bloggers and podcasters, and this morning they devoted a segment to cricket, with particular focus on Australia's woes in the NatWest Series.

Great moments in compassion by John Howard

You've got to hand it to John Winston Howard - when he's not blatantly lying about events he's doing his darndest to shift the blame onto others. I don't think I've seen anything for quite a while that encapsulates the John Howard mindset better than this exchange from last night's 7.30 Report on the ABC. It comes during an interview by Kerry O'Brien about the Government's announced changes to mandatory detention for asylum seekers:

Discovery Channel Bart King snub shock

The greatest cricketer the United States ever produced, and thus the greatest sportsperson in American history, King was snubbed by Discovery Channel viewers whose choices for the top 100 included Hugh Hefner, Martha Stewart, Mel Gibson, Michael Jackson and FOUR members of the Bush family.