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August 2005

New Orleans

With New Orleans being hit on Monday by the savagery of Hurricane Katrina - though not as catastrophically as was feared - I'm putting the RSS feed from Metroblogging New Orleans up on the site (see left). This also links through to media sites in New Orleans and Louisiana. There's talk of looting, alas, and some discussion, which I think unseemly at this time, of politicisation of the tragedy.

Day four: Test cricket is for The Birds

...this series is sort of like a month-long pass to an Alfred Hitchcock film festival...
- Prem Panicker, Sightscreen, 28.8.05

So, in a series that began with Dial M for Murder and continued with Spellbound, Notorious and Vertigo, England leads Australia two Tests to one. Psycho opens at The Oval on September 8.

Just a few observations after yet another awesome Test match:

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Site works, podcast news and contact information

I've added quite a few more sites to the blogroll on the right-hand side of this page, making a total of 24 in the list. I've added the ABC Sports Desk, even though they removed me from their blogroll sometime in the last fortnight... Some stylesheet tidying-up in progress as well. I'm mulling over the prospect of adding some of my older stuff to the current blog as well. Potentially, there could be material stretching back as far as 1994 if I go ahead with that.

ICC awards night for Sydney

The ICC announced tonight that their second annual awards presentation will be held in Sydney on October 11. This takes place between the Johnnie Walker one-dayers and the Johnnie Walker six-dayer, which begins at the SCG on the 14th.

The media release from the ICC says that the evening will be held at "one of Australia's most prestigious hotels". Sounds to me like they haven't booked one yet, have they?