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Howard for President - a bid flying undone

"John Howard for President". It makes about as much sense as "Joh For PM" and now looks just as doomed. The supposedly-innocuous bid to parachute Howard into the vice-presidency of the International Cricket Council from July this year, and by virtue of succession, its presidency from July 2012, appears dead in the water.

Crisis? What Crisis? I

And you're worried about The Prospect Of A Recession?

Reuters reports today that Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate reached 231,000,000 percent in July.

Maybe if the central banks of the world print enough money to bail out the cowboys and their creditors, then we can all have an inflation rate that large...

ZIMBABWE: Rural living standards now apply in the capital

HARARE, 2 August 2007 (IRIN) - The lifestyle normally associated with an urban society is fast disappearing from Zimbabwe's once bustling capital, Harare.

The city's 2.8 million residents are adopting a way of life more akin to the country's rural areas, where drinking water is drawn from shallow pits and electricity is all but unavailable, although the metropolitan area's population density has produced its own quirks, such as untreated sewage spilling onto the streets.

In Zimbabwe, daughters fetch high prices as brides

ZIMBABWE: Daughters fetch high prices as brides

HARARE, 17 July 2007 (IRIN) - Daughters have become a high-priced commodity in Zimbabwe, where a dowry has become a means of escaping poverty in a rapidly declining economy. "When people are mired in such hunger as we have been seeing in this country for over seven years, they will do anything to survive," Innocent Makwiramiti, a Harare-based economist, told IRIN.

Great moments in nationalisation

Mugabe ready to seize foreign companies

President Robert Mugabe's government is preparing to seize majority
shares in all of Zimbabwe's foreign-owned businesses and mines, a move
that economists warn would be as damaging as the widespread land
seizures in the country.,,2089641,00.html

Of terrorists and cricketers

Ever worried about all these new anti-terrorist laws? Ever worried that their wide-ranging discretionary powers would be used for entirely non-terrorism related reasons? Well, it happened in Australia this week.

The Australian cricket team was threatened with action under the Australian Passports Act 2005 if they went ahead with this September's planned tour of Zimbabwe.


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