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September 2005

Warnie's return to Oz

Thank goodness for the wellbeing of the Australian media that Shane Warne is back on our shores. After all, Aussie politics has been so darn boring over the last couple of weeks...

Warne, who unlike his Hampshire team-mate Kevin Pietersen is a respectable father of three, flew back into Melbourne early this morning. Here's a three-minute MP3 report on Warne's press conference at Tullamarine Airport from the ABC's AM program (the first few seconds sound like the product of sloppy editing).

Tipping comp final

Congratulations to Geoff, who won our Ashes and More Test Cricket Tipping Competition, having selected 10 correct results out of the 12 Tests played since mid-July.

Runners-up were: Stu (9), Andrew (8), Ubersportingpundit (6). The final results are here.

Thanks to all who took part. This will be my last tipping competition under the present format, at least until I can source some better software.

Ganguly 0, Chappell 0, and no penalty shootout

It's the feud so big that Australia's home of cricket, SBS Television, made it the subject of their daily poll on tonight's sports news program. And it reached the only probable conclusion in Mumbai this afternoon. A huge rug has been dragged out, and thrown on top of the whole mess. It must look a real sight in the foyer at Maison de BCCI, as well as being a candidate for the World's Lumpiest Carpet.

Saurav Ganguly and Greg Chappell have kissed, made up, and are now living happily ever after. Till the next time.

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