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January 2006

Fighting postmodern relativism with primitive revisionism

MAXINE McKEW: Are you getting complaints from parents or have you talked to, say, history teachers?

JOHN HOWARD: It is self-apparent. It is obvious to me that there's -


JOHN HOWARD: From talking to people. The increasing number of people I talk to, younger people, who don't have a full understanding of some of these things.

[and later in the same interview]

MAXINE McKEW: Has this come to your attention because there are, say, younger people in your office or other ministers' offices that are ignorant of these issues?

VB Series, Year XXVII, Games III, IV, V, VI and VII: Go Baghdatis!

Sorry guys, but I have been finding the Australian Open far more interesting than the blandness of the VB Series thus far. I'm really enjoying watching Marcos Baghdatis in action. He's just won a rain-interrupted (and what a time for that to happen) semi against David Nalbandian for the right to be hammered by Roger Federer on Sunday night (or Nicolas Kiefer if he's very, very lucky). The Guardian did an over-by-over of the tennis if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Australian of the Year preview 2006

For the second year running I am doing a preview of the Australian of the Year award, which will be announced by John Winston Howard later today. Please refer to my 2005 preview for some facts, figures and background on past winners.

The eight state and territory nominees, as announced in November:

Let's authorise the president to form a committee to hold discussions to talk about proposals to...

Momentous steps forward in the merging of women's and men's cricket administration in India were taken on Monday, when the BCCI's Working Committee met in New Delhi. The title of this post says it all. Today's The Hindu reports.