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December 2011

Daily Twitter Posts - 22/12/2011

11:02 Warnie's statue is being unveiled at the same time as the dressing rooms at Suncorp Stadium - home of the Wally Lewis statue - are reopened. #
09:20 @FireUpOnFBI or just a day with a "y" in the name #
09:06 More bloody-minded but empty rhetoric from Tony Abbott. It must be Christmas. #
09:02 Nice objective Herald Sun qn in that last retweet: "have the Booroondara fun police gone too far..." #

Daily Twitter Posts - 21/12/2011

18:40 I should watch NBN's 6pm hour of evening news more often. Brief item on North Korea just after 6.30 and now on a roll with animal "stories" #
08:22 Worst headline of the day? Or just a bit fishy. RT @RANews: Tonga's tuna industry flounders #
08:15 Thank you and farewell. RT @Letters2theEd: Thank you, it’s been a blast. A farewell from the Ed. #
07:59 It's Christmas and the jolly man with a beard is back. @HumanHeadline has returned to Twitter. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 20/12/2011

21:26 But is there a memorable song among them? RT @TheAcademy: 39 Original Songs Vie For Oscar's 2011 Playlist #
20:28 I tweet #cricket on @rickeyrecricket these days. Follow if you dare and/or care. #
14:53 Yuck. RT @sydneyfireworks: $6.3 million to be spent on 20 mins of NYE fireworks (8min at 9pm; 12min at midnight) #
14:50 Thank you. We've enjoyed it. MT @Letters2theEd: After 18 months of snark, Letters To The Ed is calling it a day. Thank you all.... #
14:44 Another icon of my teen years gone. RT @NYTObits: Dan Frazer, Fretful Supervisor on ‘Kojak,’ Dies at 90 #

Daily Twitter Posts - 19/12/2011

22:39 Help him. Please. RT @vanOnselenP: When does the Boxing Day test start? #
19:24 Yet to see anyone tweet "Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Kim Jong-Il at this difficult time." #
19:23 Email from Wayne Swan's office. Two press releases, one about Vaclav Havel, the other on Kim Jong-Il. The tone could not be more different. #
19:05 Must say I thought Walter Cronkite did the "the president is dead" announcement much better than the lady on the North Korean news. #
18:58 Uh oh. RT @Colvinius: Saudi Prince Invests $300M in Twitter #
18:19 Revisiting in the context of Kim Jong-Il RT @ggreenwald Christopher Hitchens and the protocol for public figure deaths: #
17:59 Thunderstorm! #
15:46 "Not to be confused with Kim Yong-il, Kim Jong-pil, or Kim Jong-Il (athlete)." #
15:21 And why isn't #KimIsNotGreat trending yet? #
15:19 Kim Il-Sung is still President for Eternity... right? #northkorea #dprk #kimjongil #
15:04 I was going to do a joke about Kim Jong being out for 111, but even recently deceased despots deserve some respect. #
12:07 ABC found by @acmadotgov to have lacked impartiality in a radio i'view. This would never happen in commercial radio! - #
11:05 It's the Monday before Christmas and I'm entering a Westfield. #fool (@ Westfield Burwood) #
09:26 Tony Kevin writes at @eurekastreet on the latest asylum seeker tragedy - #refugees #auspol #

Daily Twitter Posts - 18/12/2011

22:11 I'm currently babbling about the #BigBash game on @rickeyrecricket which is where I do all my #cricket tweetage now. #
15:38 Just visited the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Australian Museum @austmus - an annual highlight for me! #
11:53 RT @Leroy_Lynch: Explainer: political crisis in Papua New Guinea. The #png background via @ConversationEDU #
08:53 A Herald-Sun column worth a read! RT @J_C_Campbell: My column today on the Lucille Ball of Australian politics.#auspol #

Daily Twitter Posts - 16/12/2011

23:21 Is there an irony that Christopher Hitchens died on the day the US war in Iraq, which he controversially supported, formally came to an end? #
21:12 btw, I tweet #cricket on @rickeyrecricket now. In case you're interested. #
21:05 Wow. #godisnotgreat got Justin Bieber'd by the Twitter trend algorithm! #
18:11 @pandacriss of course! #
17:38 Please. Make it stop. Make the #godisnotgreat hashtag stop. I need to stop laughing! #
17:05 Richard Wilkins reports that Christopher Hitchens has fallen off a cliff putting up decorations for a film in New Zealand #
16:56 School holidays beginneth. Do I laugh? Do I cry? #
16:49 Must get around to finishing Hitch 22 some time, I suppose #
16:16 Hitchens put forward a lot of things to disagree with but he always, always kept you thinking. A larger-than-life intellectual. #
15:58 vale Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011 - #
11:28 #loveyoumolly RT @plalor: In honour of Molly, here is his greatest interview. Iggy Pop #
11:25 UNICEF on one side of the street, Red Cross the other. Pity that both groups are obnoxious. Another reason I do all charity donations online #
08:53 Typo, or is he marrying a bloke? RT @warne888: My fiancé has agreed to toss the coin tomorrow night #
08:44 The latest Windows software update is taking forever to install on my 2004 vintage XP desktop computer #
08:36 "Former Countdown host"? Sorry @breakfastnews but I think Molly Meldrum deserves a far better description than that. #
08:24 from American Pastor Jim Wallis (not to be confused with the ACL's Jim Wallace) "The Real War on Christmas by Fox News" #
06:25 Time to inform another timezone of my #cricket followers that I now tweet cricket at @rickeyrecricket. See you there :) #

Daily Twitter Posts - 15/12/2011

21:59 Ha. "10 most overused words in LinkedIn (#in) profiles that you should know" #
17:47 I recall Fordo seamlessly picking up a football commentary mid-game from Rex Mossop who had fallen ill. Sadly both have left us this year. #
17:40 Sad news of the passing of David Fordham. I can remember when he had his start on TV on the sports desk at NBN in the 70s. Wonderful guy. #
17:28 Again, many thanks to @Tavurvur for keeping us informed about the #PNG situation. #
14:42 Angry Beast or Hungry Boys? RT @danilic: Good news! You can now vote for Angry Beast in this years Logies!! #logies2012 #
14:03 Imagine John Howard referring a foreign leader to the ICC. MT @KRuddMP: Oz first country to call for Assad to be referred to ICC. KRudd" #
10:17 Independent bottlo wins fight against Coles opposition before selling own business to Woolies RT @InnerWestNews #
09:42 Yes, it's Taking Daughter To School At 11 Because Of Teachers Stop Work Meeting Time. #
09:40 I remember the days when no one could say "fart" on television. Ever. I've just seen it be the answer to a question on a kids' quiz show. #
09:34 A fine speech this. RT @rickeyrecricket: Full audio of Rahul Dravid's Bradman Oration with this @abcnews report - #
07:43 Thinking of changing my surname to Protestor #

Daily Twitter Posts - 14/12/2011

22:35 Just a reminder that I now tweet #cricket on @rickeyrecricket and only deal with the rest of the universe here #
22:13 A dummy's guide: Making sense of #COP17 - @mailandguardian via @mailandguardian #
21:03 Well that was good timing. Rahul Dravid finished his oration online before Malcolm Tucker starts his on #abc1. #
19:38 I wonder if Tony Abbott's sitting back at home looking at the #PNG situation with envy. #auspol #
18:22 Trying to imagine Quentin Bryce being sacked and Peter Slipper becoming the Governor-General... #png #auspol #
18:14 Another amazing day in Papua New Guinea. Is the Governor-General being sacked? Follow @Tavurvur who is tweeting the unfolding situation. #
15:28 My #cricket followers should note that I am now spluttering about Phil Hughes' withdrawal from the #BBL over on @rickeyrecricket #
10:11 Well done The Oz. Their photo of Julia Gillard at Sir Zelman Cowan's funeral points out that Peter Slipper was sitting behind her. #
09:47 ooh. BOF and Bailieu to set to announce a "mini-COAG"? While not go the whole hog and secede? #auspol #nswpol #
09:38 So #PNG has two police chiefs as well as two prime ministers? This could get nasty - #
09:12 (unless, of course, it's in response to someone mentioning DK Lillie, Belinda Clarke or Ian Healey) #cricket @rickeyrecricket #
09:10 A reminder that my #cricket followers can now avoid my obsessive typo correction tweets by following me at @rickeyrecricket #
09:08 I'm guessing that's Livingstone at New Canterbury. MT @TrafficSydInner: PETERSHAM Livingstone Road at Stanmore Road - HAZARD Spillage. #
08:31 Reminds me to do the Christmas cards. RT @newscientist: Cheques get lost in the mail - but precious moon rocks? #
08:21 RT @atompkins: How long will people just give away their photographs and videos to journalism organizations? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 13/12/2011

23:22 One last reminder tonight: if you follow me for the #cricket, pls follow @rickeyrecricket because that's where I'll be tweeting cricket now. #
22:50 I wonder if it's time we should start thinking about boycotting Canada? #kyoto #
21:54 Poppycock, John Howard. "Denier" is a person who denies something. It does not have a narrow definition tied to the WW2 Holocaust. #auspol #
19:44 attn my #cricket followers: I'm shifting all my cricket tweetage to @rickeyrecricket. Pls follow me there :) #
19:07 Hmm. @theprojecttv interviewing crackpot Plimer. #
17:58 @dg79 that's a safer bet too when I inevitably post to the wrong account :) thanks #
15:44 No adults watch the National Press Club why should we be worried about kiddies tuning in? #auspol #conroy #
15:12 Oh dear, Senator Stephen Phar Qing Conroy - #auspol #
14:43 I'll still be tweeting a full range of non-cricket nonsense here, (including rugby league next season). #
14:29 For the info of anyone who follows this account for the #cricket, I'm shifting it over to @rickeyrecricket. Pls follow me there :) #
13:41 They waited till after #COP17 to announce this. RT @guardianeco: Canada pulls out of Kyoto protocol #
10:38 @FireUpOnFBI not saying that the lack of shield cricket is a good thing, just that it is not a new phenomenon #
10:25 just beware of some #cricket simulcasting on @rickeyre and @rickeyrecricket for the time being :) #
10:25 not comfortable with managing two Twitter accounts simultaneously, but it's probably time I did this #
10:22 Renamed @todayincricket to @rickeyrecricket - this will be the home of my #cricket live-tweetage during the Aus-Ind series. Pls follow :) #
09:54 The outrage over the lack of first-class #cricket for fringe Aus players is overblown. Shield program always light around Xmas/January. #

Arthur, Clarke, but no space odyssey

Australia's sensational seven-run loss to New Zealand at Bellerive Oval on Monday was the first Test defeat for new chairman of selectors John Inverarity and new team coach Mickey Arthur. Signs are that there will be more losses against India. Change is coming, but it is neither quick nor easy.