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December 2011

Daily Twitter Posts - 30/12/2011

22:43 Happy New Years Eve to all in Samoa! #
18:46 I'm at the ANZ tweeting the T20 #cricket on @rickeyrecricket, but if you want reliable updates follow all the usual outlets. #
18:33 #BigBash between @ThunderBBL and @RenegadesBBL. (@ ANZ Stadium w/ 18 others) #
16:55 It's good to be able to devour whole bananas again without feeling extravagant. #
14:11 Tis that time of year when the gates, barriers and screens go up again at Circular Quay #
13:17 Hate it when I submit an amendment to @foursquare and the person adding my amendment edits his/her own errors into the update. Happens often #
09:28 An end-of-year #ff to @johnjohnsonson whose RT'ing of bad celebrity tweets is even funnier than his endless obsession with rhyming puns. #
07:18 Now this is an interesting development RT @evgenymorozov Google France fined for faulty word suggestion in autocomplete #
00:05 Some stories can never be made up. RT @mediaguardian: BBC panda row after Tian Tian named among year's top women #

Daily Twitter Posts - 29/12/2011

13:40 @pratyushkh besides, I'm going to the Thunder game tomorrow night :) #
13:38 @pratyushkh it's barely an hour to fly from Melbourne to Sydney. Could be done. #
13:35 @pratyushkh not impossible for the test to finish in the morning and for him to fly to Sydney for the evening. #
13:13 Shouldn't newsreaders be shouting the LOYAL in Investec LOYAL? #
12:50 Whatever you've planned for tomorrow can't top Samoa. They're skipping Dec 30 completely as they switch sides of the international date line #
07:55 @Jono or a neat bit of commercial sabotage by somebody #
07:53 Ha. RT @romenesko NYT: "We regret this error and we regret our earlier communication noting that this email was SPAM." #
07:52 Now why on earth would the New York Times be emailing me about cancelling home delivery of their newspaper? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 28/12/2011

22:44 Why is the LOYAL in Investec LOYAL in capital letters? Is LOYAL an acronym for something? #
22:02 I suppose it was too much to expect even SBS to avoid reporting Elvis the Croc #
18:51 Border Protection Alert! There are boats sailing up the Derwent River! #stoptheboats #
17:38 btw, if anyone wants to know and doesn't yet, I'm tweeting #cricket on @rickeyrecricket #
13:11 See, not all the good croc stories come from NT. RT @newcastleherald Elvis the croc takes on lawnmower at reptile park: #
10:29 The red panda gives way to the duck as I choof off to @rickeyrecricket for the day. (is that how you spell choof?) #
08:42 Good analysis by @brucehawker2010 of the asylum-seeker question and how Australia has dealt with it in the past #auspol #
08:28 Catching up on one of the big news stories of the past few days: RT @AJEnglish: #Sudan army kills #Darfur rebel leader #
07:10 Call me old fashioned, but to me The Little Master will always be this guy - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 27/12/2011

22:49 I've been neglecting this account while I've been over on @rickeyrecricket. What do I do to make up for it? Nothing? #
10:44 I'm tweeting the Boxing Day Test and other Pertinent #Cricket Matters on @rickeyrecricket right now. #
10:42 Coming to channel 9 in 2012: Tricky Business. Shane Bourne IS Michael Caton. #

Melbourne Day Two: Sachin fails by 27

"Tendulkar’s 100th 100 a certainty and what a place to do it. 1st Test played at MCG as well as 1st ODI"
- Tony Greig, Twitter, 5.42pm 27.12.11

"Did I jinx him...if so sorry"
- Tony Greig, Twitter, 6.01pm 27.12.11, five minutes after Tendulkar was dismissed for 73.

The continuing expectation of Sachin Tendulkar's "100th international hundred" and a delightful partnership with his rejuvenated team-mate Rahul Dravid. The highlights of the second day of the Melbourne Test between India and Australia, 27 December 2011.

Tendulkar fell for 73, and that faux statistical milestone remains unconquered for now. But it was still a joyous innings to watch, encapsulated in these highlights, from the official Cricket Australia Youtube channel, of the post-tea session of play:

Daily Twitter Posts - 26/12/2011

12:57 Rich kids playing with boats. Yawn. #
10:13 A reminder: I tweet the Boxing Day Test on @rickeyrecricket. Non #cricket stuff on @rickeyre. Crossover topics might be simulcast :) #
08:03 I'm on a train packed with pilgrims headed for the Holy Shrine of the CBD Shopping Precinct. Thankfully I'm not going that far. #
07:57 Meanwhile, the bloody-mindedness rolls on. RT @newcastleherald: Expert denied access to Laman Street #figs #environment #
07:37 In some ways the peace and tranquility of Boxing Day morning is even greater than Christmas Day. But then I dont live near a shopping centre #

Daily Twitter Posts - 25/12/2011

22:40 Lots of people twitpic'ing their Christmas dinners today. Here's a link to the latest Somalian famine situation report: #
22:13 Yes, "Sullivan's Travels" is still a great film 69 years after it was released. #
20:43 In 1977 it was a 12.30am movie on ch9 and I fell asleep just after the start. Tonight I finally catch up with "Sullivan's Travels" on DVD :) #
18:14 I'm watching a Jack Benny Christmas Show on @TVSydney right now. You're watching what?? #
16:30 Speaking of twitpics, check out #melbournehail and similar for Melbourne's unexpected white Christmas. #
16:27 I think I've seen proportionately more twitpic'ing today than any other day of the year. Even I did one! #
13:47 New world gaming devours old world gaming. There is an Angry Birds board game with playing cards and a plastic slingshot. I'm about to play. #
12:41 Wondering why Wii haven't released a Christmas carols edition of Just Dance 3. #
11:26 And now, it's time to break in a new Wii. #
11:25 Christmas morning at church is complete. More nativity scenes should feature the Archangel portrayed by a transformer. #
08:33 I can verify that Rudolph was the hungriest of the nine reindeer overnight. #
08:31 My daughter's reindeer refreshment stand after last night's stopover. #
07:42 @SilkCharm Having a day off for Leap Year next year? :) #
06:18 Merry Christmas! #

Daily Twitter Posts - 24/12/2011

17:48 Oh and I believe I need to take credit for bringing Newcastle's sunny weather this morning down to Sydney this afternoon :) #
17:47 It must be a slow Christmas Eve when the constabules are doing revenue protection duty at the local train station. #
12:50 Eh? Should churches close on Sunday for Christmas? USA Today - (via @atompkins) #
11:50 "Favourable contamination notice". That's always a reassuring thing to see on a For Sale sign. #
08:03 It's Christmas Eve. Floods in Thailand and disease in the Mekong Delta have reduced the import of prawns to Australia. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 23/12/2011

21:33 Great idea. RT @prestontowers: Christmas at Home and New Year's Eve at Home - Building a Twitter Community #
18:53 vale Bruce Ruxton. You didn't have to agree with him to admire his passionate defence of his values. #
17:05 @dg79 Nauru is just the right size to cage both of them. #
17:02 Today's Bowen/Morrison talk a predictable waste of time. Whole issue debated is not central to resolving the refugee problems. #auspol #
16:18 Another Xmas Eve gem MT @latikambourke: Australian Government has approved FOXTEL's request to acquire Austar subject to ACCC approval. #
14:56 Twas the last weekday before Christmas. NSW government, you have not let us down. #fail #environment #wind #csg #mining #nswpol #bofgovt #
14:51 Handy hint: RT @TweetsofOld Don't light the fire with kerosene. Let the hired girl do it. She hasn't any wife and children; you have. NC1890 #
11:38 Darby's Pies. Why would you ever want to set foot inside a Pie Face? #
10:47 First time I've set foot in Swansea since the 20th century. It's changed a little. #
10:20 Malcolm Naden. Osama bin Laden. Rhymic slang? Coincidence? Conspiracy! #
07:59 #nswpol #renewables RT @MarkTobinSydney: ABC will be there. @lizfoschia covering the windfarm story for ABC Radio today. #
07:55 Whatever happened to... Brad Drewett? He's just been named new head of the ATP. #tennis RT @iSportconnect: #sportsbiz #
07:49 Last working day before Christmas. RT @MarkTobinSydney NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard will today announce new draft wind farm guidelines #