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Daily Twitter Posts - 05/10/2012

22:55 honestly, what is the point of fake Tony Abbotts on Twitter when the real one is so much better than satire? #
22:31 Repeaters. RT @everyword: repeaters #
22:26 Download the spreadsheet for yourself! RT @GuardianData: James Bond bodycount: how many people died in each film? #
22:19 "Dear Industry Professional, I hope you are well." Uh huh. #
22:07 Barcelona v Real Madrid on Sunday? Is it that time of the month already? #
21:22 if you only read one #cricket article this year, make it this on Sri Lankan capt Mahela Jayawardene by @wrightthompson #
20:56 That's gross. RT @unsungsongs: Starting a campaign to have the maximum length of a tweet extended to 144 characters. Who's with me? #
14:47 about time to mute #sensitivetony I think *yawn* #
14:06 This explains all the sirens I heard at 5 this morning - #
13:53 Another great sports writer leaves the House of Fairfax, this time it's Greg Growden - #
08:54 Margie Abbott says, rightly, that politicians families should be off limits. So why is Joe Hockey now using her for political point-scoring? #
08:48 Alan Jones' Today show spot "brought farmers in from their field" and was a "pivot around transport to schools and workplaces" acc to Flint #

Daily Twitter Posts - 04/10/2012

21:24 12 match suspension for James Graham for biting Billy Slater. With Tests and pre-season that should put him out till #NRL Round 9 2013? #
20:30 Wayne Wigham. Very good player for Balmain in his day. Has just been on @ABCCatalyst talking about depression. #
19:43 hmm. Peter Slipper. Potential bankruptcy? #abc730 #
15:58 From @AtlanticCities, why the #sochi2014 Olympic slogan is the worst ever. Just because it is "Hot. Cold. Now." - #
15:42 Some sound points made by @profsarahj about the campaigns to get Alan Jones taken off the air - #
15:36 tonight is one of those nights when I really wish they had Court TV for the #NRL Judiciary. I just want to hear James Graham's defence case #
13:24 Nanny State Alert: Florida wildlife officials rule that kids' gator pool parties are unsafe - #
12:17 It appears that @SilentJimLehrer has entered the building. #variousdebatehashtags #
11:09 so we have #debate #debates #debate2012 #denverdebate #debatedenver #usdebate #presidentialdebate and of course #massdebate #
11:03 my daughter has commandeered the television. I can confirm that ABC3 is not showing the debate. #
08:36 The same $1.5b you're giving BOF? MT @TonyAbbottMHR I've committed $1.5bn to help @TedBaillieu build the East West Link. Labor must match it #
08:32 I've always liked "Heaven's Gate". RT @abcmarkscott: The resurrection of Heaven's Gate. #
08:28 Um, you're not in government. MT @TonyAbbottMHR: I'm committed to helping @barryofarrell build Westconnex duplication. I've pledged $1.5bn #
08:15 Is "a union boss walks into a police station" the journalistic equivalent of "a man walks into a bar"? #
07:20 It's a sign of how memorable Presidential debates are not when @breakfastnews replays the 1988 Bentsen smackdown of Quayle every half hour #

Daily Twitter Posts - 03/10/2012

16:15 @SDBrook wait till you see the Alan Jones edition of QI #
15:52 I just had to. New on my blog, a tribute to the thespian career of Mr John Laws - #
15:18 When are you getting Jonesy on #qanda? MT @QandA: Political commentator Piers Akerman joins Monday's #QandA panel #
15:16 My daughter's school's vege garden was vandalised before the school hols. They need help getting restarted (via @SAKGF) #
12:13 Sack Greiner. #sackgreiner #flicknick #
11:35 Nick Greiner? John Laws? What is it with these over-the-hill Sydney dinosaurs coming out of the woodwork? (and Alan Jones, for that matter) #
11:21 Team selection crisis at Sydney FC. RT @InnerWestNews: Sydney FC orders extra 15,000 jerseys... #
10:22 An unconvincing explanation of the difference in men's and women's living allowances at the World T20 #Cricket event - #
09:10 Is it any coincidence that the word Mashable has the letters S M and H in it? #
08:44 Storfication via @shoba_rao of reaction to last night's John Laws interview. (I score a spot in this) #
07:45 Today's @breakfastnews is brought to you by Coca-Cola, Valvoline and 2SM #
07:37 John Laws: "I'm a performer". Nails the occupation of Jones, Sandilands, Hadley etc right there. Not broadcaster, not presenter #

Daily Twitter Posts - 02/10/2012

21:15 mind you, I've always found a way around that in the past - #
21:13 I'd write a blog post about Alan Jones except that I resolved ages ago never to let his name sully my website #
16:59 sounds like @abc730 will be a wasteful use of taxpayer's oxygen tonight #
12:51 I would never have anticipated that "Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3" would be playing to sold-out sessions. #
09:59 "I made no qualification then to my apology" - Alan Jones, discussing his 45-minute unqualified apology #
09:26 I'm confused. Do we really need home shopping television in High Definition? #
08:44 The Canterbury Bulldogs provide more reasons why #MadMonday should be scrapped - #nrl #
07:21 there are 41 people named Alan Jones listed on IMdB You're looking for number XVIII. #
07:15 Hey @SwannyDPM it's possible to listen to Alan Jones *and* eat cardboard for breakfast at the same time. Ever heard of corn flakes? #
07:10 Melbourne newspaper demands cancellation of Sydney radio show - (pic via @latikambourke) #
06:38 why are people live-tweeting that nasty man's radio show? #

Late-career masterpieces. This week, John Laws

I like promoting on these pages the efforts of elderly artistes in the aftermath of their prime. Today, I present to you Mister John Laws, star of 2SM and syndicated radio stations across New South Wales, interviewed on ABC's 7.30 last night by Leigh Sales with regard to his former stablemate and adversary (often all at once) Belford Parrott.

If it looks like a World Cup, feels like a World Cup, smells like...

The ICC almost bend over backwards to avoid describing the World Twenty20 tournament as a "World Cup". They own the event, they are the world governing body, and therefore it is not a World Cup. To the rest of us, however, if it looks like a World Cup, feels like a World Cup, smells like a World Cup...

On the last point however, I digress. The smell is worse.

Daily Twitter Posts - 01/10/2012

23:08 Ross Garnaut looked interesting. Mind you, I have the volume on mute. #lateline #
22:37 I sincerely hope this is photoshopped. RT @amateuradam: And that's DEFINITELY the right picture, @BBCBreaking? #
22:18 I'm watching #qanda but not listening. A bit like being at an Alan Jones Young Liberals keynote, I would imagine. #
22:14 "Will you love me even though I'm throwing up on stage?" That will surely be one of the great quotes of 2012. #
22:09 "Justin Bieber vomits on stage twice and apologises for throwing up to fans after having too much milk." Yet again, reality trumps satire. #
19:55 the badger story is on @abc730 now #
19:40 Eight French #handball players arrested after game Sunday in match-fixing investigation - #
18:32 hmm SBS (and others) I don't really think Alan Jones is *the* top news story today, surely? #
18:18 so has Professor Flint condemned Alan Jones yet? #
17:23 @bernietb you mean February 29 in odd-numbered years? #
17:13 so that's Gangnam Style? #meh #
16:47 Eric Abetz seems to ignore the fact that the problem with Alan Jones is a lot more than one sentence in one speech. #
16:34 perhaps if Tom Waterhouse and 2GB could come to a mutual agreement whereby he sponsors the entire Alan Jones Show and nothing else #
16:31 It's 4.30pm on a Monday afternoon and I'm watching SBS. Why is Tom Waterhouse sponsoring the next program? #
16:25 Russia's proposed spending on the 2018 World Cup set to double. Meanwhile FIFA is happy with its progress. #
16:08 Simon Cowell and Planning TV Show to Find the Next Steve Jobs #
15:57 I wonder how long before GetUp starts a campaign to buy ad space on the 2GB Breakfast Show #
14:38 @sspencer_63 didn't Barry O'Farrell tweet some generalisation yesterday without mentioning Jones by name? Did he follow that up elsewhere? #
12:27 The best solution to Alan Jones is for everyone to declare him persona non grata. Everyone. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 30/09/2012

20:31 Kick off times for Brazil 2014 not influenced by European TV coverage, claim FIFA | #
19:42 haven't heard any tooting of car horns outside my window for a while. #nrlgf #
19:34 Craig Willis vs Kenny Sutcliffe. Discuss. #
19:27 "Cooper Cronk, the Rothmans Medal... er, Clive Churchill Medal winner" Subliminal cigarette advertising from Kenny. #nrlgf #
19:25 Coop! #clive #nrlgf #
19:18 will we get an interview with James Graham, or doesn't he talk with his mouth full? #
19:16 Done. Sydney wins the AFL and Melbourne wins the NRL. #
19:14 Congratulations @MelbStormRLC. Clear winners tonight. Premiers fair and square this time. #NRLGF #
18:58 oh no. @BillySlatersEar is already on Twitter. #nrlgf #
18:47 I have to say that Grand Final Day has been all downhill after that great Jets-Tigers game. #nrlgf #vbnswcupgf #
18:26 we don't need military participation in the grand final. #nrlgf #

Newtown Jets premiers of NSW Cup - a storification of Grand Final day

The Newtown Jets won the 2012 NSW Cup grand final on 29 September at ANZ Stadium with a heart-stopping 22-18 victory over the Balmain Ryde Eastwood Tigers. In my opinion it was easily the best of the three games on Grand Final day, and gave the Jets their first victory in the NSW Cup since it was reconstituted as the de facto reserve grade for non-Queensland NRL clubs.

Here's a storification of selected tweets and images of the Jets victory, including progress reports of the game and the celebrations afterwards:


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