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Daily Twitter Posts - 30/09/2012

20:31 Kick off times for Brazil 2014 not influenced by European TV coverage, claim FIFA | #
19:42 haven't heard any tooting of car horns outside my window for a while. #nrlgf #
19:34 Craig Willis vs Kenny Sutcliffe. Discuss. #
19:27 "Cooper Cronk, the Rothmans Medal... er, Clive Churchill Medal winner" Subliminal cigarette advertising from Kenny. #nrlgf #
19:25 Coop! #clive #nrlgf #
19:18 will we get an interview with James Graham, or doesn't he talk with his mouth full? #
19:16 Done. Sydney wins the AFL and Melbourne wins the NRL. #
19:14 Congratulations @MelbStormRLC. Clear winners tonight. Premiers fair and square this time. #NRLGF #
18:58 oh no. @BillySlatersEar is already on Twitter. #nrlgf #
18:47 I have to say that Grand Final Day has been all downhill after that great Jets-Tigers game. #nrlgf #vbnswcupgf #
18:26 we don't need military participation in the grand final. #nrlgf #

Newtown Jets premiers of NSW Cup - a storification of Grand Final day

Submitted by Rick Eyre on October 1, 2012 - 11:34am

The Newtown Jets won the 2012 NSW Cup grand final on 29 September at ANZ Stadium with a heart-stopping 22-18 victory over the Balmain Ryde Eastwood Tigers. In my opinion it was easily the best of the three games on Grand Final day, and gave the Jets their first victory in the NSW Cup since it was reconstituted as the de facto reserve grade for non-Queensland NRL clubs.

Here's a storification of selected tweets and images of the Jets victory, including progress reports of the game and the celebrations afterwards:

Daily Twitter Posts - 28/09/2012

19:34 lightning flasheth #
19:34 rain arriveth #
19:27 thunder approacheth #
18:50 Friday Night Without Footy #sigh #
15:13 Personally I hope Quade Cooper joins the Roosters. I'd love to see him teamed up in the halves with Daniel Mortimer for Newtown. #
15:11 The ball is in Quade's court. RT @QantasWallabies: OFFICIAL STATEMENT: ARU statement regarding Quade Cooper - #
13:56 Facebook is trending on Twitter. #
09:06 First carbon permits issued as emissions market dawns via @theage #
00:03 @jeffrey_gabriel I don't think anyone ever dreamed this would become a pseudo Hall of Fame when Bozo etc first appeared on the cover of RLW #

Daily Twitter Posts - 27/09/2012

21:49 As this AAP report says, Joey joins "the illustrious list of Immortals which is a brand owned by Rugby League Week." #
21:46 @Bondiborn @nehadk the Tour de France is an actual sporting event. The Rugby League Week Immortal is not. #
21:32 sorry, but the Rugby League "Immortal" concept leaves me cold. It is, and always has been, a magazine promotion. #
21:17 Andrew Johns? Too soon. #nrl #
16:36 Twenty million dollars to rename the state's highways. Not upgrade them, rename them. #nswpol #facepalm #
15:34 Does anyone know where I can find out which Liberal/National senator is Patron Senator for which lower house electorate? #auspol #
08:05 Err, maybe Swanning is the wrong code. #bulldogging #storming #
08:04 Swanning about at Darling Harbour with footballers. RT @awebstar1: Liberal Party well represented at GF breakfast. Abbott, O'Farrell, types. #
07:59 How can the Prime Minister talk about achieving on the MDGs by 2015 when her own govt won't deliver on the foreign aid component by then? #
07:54 Live now: Julia Gillard swanning about in New York with Europeans and Africans. #
07:49 Will Sunday's #VBNSWCup grand final be the last game for a #rugbyleague team calling itself Balmain? RT @InnerWestNews #

Daily Twitter Posts - 26/09/2012

21:07 Hot. Cool. Yours. That is the official slogan for the 2014 Winter Olympics. #sochi2014 #
19:57 Another indicator screen, another Windows alert (tucked away at the right) #
16:29 People Smuggling Best Practice of the day. RT @sa_poptart: Man tries to get into Spain disguised as car seat #
14:58 How to prepare yourself for the #Baconpocalypse via @grist #
14:23 @Swearycat he's become one of the worst of the rugby league beat-up merchants, and that's a pretty crowded field #
14:15 There was a time when I used to enjoy reading Roy Masters' work, I believe they call it the 20th century. #
14:14 Is this the silliest #NRL story ever? MT @SMHsport: Roy Masters: Qlders will rebel if Andrew Johns becomes Immortal. #
13:48 For the record, I have seen ZERO evidence in the streets of Sydney that the Swans are in a grand final this Saturday. Zero. #
13:43 The family of Bulldogs-supporting kiddies on this train are playing the most earsplitting game of Spotto I have ever endured. #
12:36 And now some nasty things people can do with QR codes - "Android phones vulnerable to remote wipe attack" via @crn_au #
11:37 @Wil_Anderson An Old Flame #cheaperch9shows (replacing A Current Affair) #
11:15 @seoexpertbd good article. I know a lot of QR naysayers who should read. Not sure I'm looking forward to all your predictions though :) #
08:03 "Street prostitutes will wear QR code t-shirts to show their unexposed videos online" Um. #
08:00 A case in favour of QR codes, by @seoexpertbd at @socialmedia2day - #
07:28 Live cross to an earthquake drill in a New Zealand school? Live cross? News?? @BreakfastNews #

Daily Twitter Posts - 25/09/2012

19:43 of course Rupert Murdoch has nothing to do with the running of the Melbourne Storm and never has #
19:39 #NRL Grand Final selection shock. @rupertmurdoch to play hooker in new-look Storm front row: #
18:58 So much for #Marrickville Labor #fightingtories. #
17:53 The official hashtag for #cricket's latest international scandal is #watergate - #
16:28 And there will ne no puns from me along the lines of "Wests Tigers have taken a well Trodden path". #nrl #
16:27 I believe "Coach Emeritus" is the term you're all looking for right now. #timsheens #weststigers #nrl #
16:07 just realised that I was in the Powerhouse Museum at the same time as Tony Abbott this morning. Pity he didn't do the Narnia exhibit #
15:09 I bet Daniel Mortimer never dreamt that he would be captaining a grand final side within a year of joining the Roosters #
14:36 OK, I signed a Twitter petition: "National Football League: End the Referee Lockout Now" via @change #nfl #
14:24 Say what? Labor not running a candidate for the Sydney by-election? That is ludicrous beyond belief! #nswpol #
09:50 I'm at Narnia: The Exhibition (Ultimo, NSW) #
08:15 Thinking it might be time to put a global filter on iOS6 #
07:47 From my observations so far this week, the ratio of Bulldogs to Swans flags I have seen is running at infinity to none :) #nrlgf #

Daily Twitter Posts - 24/09/2012

21:55 Congratulations to Johnathan Thurston who was won the 2012 Ken Stephen Medal. All tonight's winners - #nrl #
21:44 I can't bear the trashy superficiality of #qanda after such a disturbing #4corners tonight. #
21:33 Is that what a Kim Kardashian is? What's the fuss? #mediawatch #
20:34 what on Earth would Luxembourg want with a seat on the UN Security Council? #
15:12 five consecutive trending topics on my current list sort of make a sentence: Australia; Can; Facebook; Great; Harry. #
15:09 When's he switching to #NRL? MT @triplejHack: looking forward to having @pocockdavid live with us at 530. What do you want to ask him? #
15:08 I have no idea what "Gangnam" is and am trying to see if I can stay that way till October at least #
14:46 Nice slogan. RT @JakeSaulwick: The fire department is on hand. Looks like 20-30 people with a fair few kids in this car #
14:36 "Ben Bodkin, who cabbaged most notoriously..." RT @OEDonline: OED Word of the Day: cabbage, v.2: #
14:34 How on Earth... RT @KJBar: There is a car flipped over on it's back on Sydney's Broadway. #
14:28 "This is your last chance ever to join the Sydney Treasure Hunt on the Monorail!" Uh huh. #
14:26 ha ha ha. Latest newsletter from Metro Transport Sydney lands in my inbox just as I read news of the latest monorail breakdown. #
14:23 Only 9 months left. RT @FireRescueNSW: #FRNSW crews assisting with the evacuation of passengers following monorail breakdown in Sydney #CBD. #
14:22 Must say the Google search results for my name are looking a lot better since I unblocked the Googlebot. #doh #
10:30 It's ridiculous that @TonyAbbottMHR thinks an Australian Prime Minister should not attend an UN General Assembly. Would he pass it up? #
09:45 The Italian Forum at #Leichhardt really should be renamed L'Elefante Bianco. #
07:49 seems odd for ABC @BreakfastNews to be sourcing a report on the IgNobel Prizes from @AJEnglish #
07:10 In a few hours it will be the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the first episode of "The Jetsons" - #
06:55 Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says the 140-character limit is "sacrosanct", while trashing everything else. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 23/09/2012

18:33 Umm how is this news? RT @haaretzonline: #Jewish stars prepare to shine at 64th annual @PrimetimeEmmys awards #
08:47 Imagine if Transport For NSW had put its rail/bus planning info on Apple Maps instead of Google Maps #
07:51 @FairfieldCity thanks #
07:13 Hey @FairfieldCity why is the Cabramatta Moon Festival's official Twitter account @cabramoonfest locked? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 22/09/2012

22:31 The LinkedIn poll is up. #nrl RT @rickeyremedia: Who will win the 2012 NRL Grand Final?: #
22:07 Melbourne v Canterbury. The 21st century's two great salary cap cheats go head to head. #nrl #cmonfeelthenoize #
22:00 and, of course, go Swannies! #
21:44 but for the next eight days, Ich bien eine bulldogger. #nrlcbysou #
21:43 Great work @ssfcrabbitohs in making it to the preliminary final. Best effort in years. You'll do better in 2013. #nrlcbysou #
21:21 that could be it. #nrlcbysou #
20:42 Souths don't want to lose this by 2 or less. #nrlcbysou #
19:56 America was sending astronauts to the moon the last time Souths made the grand final. That's how long ago it is. #nrlcbysou #
19:52 Why are Americans eating 30% more avocadoes than last year? #
19:09 25 Dead US Presidents to Follow on Twitter #
18:36 former ALP Senator Chris Schacht loses election for President of International Volleyball Federation - #
17:51 "Bing Desktop brings the beatuty of the Bing homepage to your Windows desktop every day." Spot the oxymoron. #
17:47 I meant to tag that #nrlcbysou #
17:38 I have spent most of the afternoon in Canterbury/St George territory. People in Rabbitohs gear outnumbering Bulldogs ~10:1. #nrlsoucan #
17:31 Bemused at ch7 Sydney not showing #aflhawkscrows on their analog channel. Return To Witch Mountain at 6.30?? #
14:40 Twitter wants me to make my profile page "look beautiful". Well, guess what Twitter, I like it ugly!! #
12:25 I can't believe I had Googlebot blocked from my site for so long. Can't even remember now why I did it. Explains much of my SEO woes #
07:08 ha. Many moons ago I blocked an IP address of the Googlebot from my website. Unblocked it now, but that explains some of my access stats. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 21/09/2012

22:52 @AdamMcGrogan I'd hope so #
22:23 apart from Bandwagon Sheeds, I wonder how the Giants organisation feel about the East Sydney Swans making the Grand Final? #aflswanspies #
22:10 go South Melbourne! #
21:38 "their favourite arch-rival of all" Rabs channelling his Inner Rex. #nrlmelman #
21:30 Canterbury v Souths tomorrow night. That's the playoff for 2nd and 3rd... #nrlmelman #cmonfeelthenoize #
21:21 Shut the gate. The horse has bolted. (Sorry Rex) #nrlmelman #
21:16 Sport is a funny game. #
20:59 Yes Melbourne that was a good try. #nrlmelman #
20:17 What, no video referral? #nrlmelman #
20:15 Maybe the video refs are too busy watching the greyhounds at Wentworth Park. (Do they still have greyhounds at Wentworth Park?) #nrlmelman #
20:13 @bernietb and the solution to poor refereeing is simply to double their numbers. I'm totally baffled. #nrlmelman #
20:11 I'm usually reluctant to bag referees/umpires in any sport but Gawd! What sort of training do these video refs get? #nrlmelman #
20:07 Hey I was joking. #
20:06 Slater's lost it. The video ref will award it. #nrlmelman #
20:02 Oh dear. Cronk got about twenty bonus metres out of that Manly defence. #nrlmelman #
19:59 The Melbourne Storm players are all Programmed. That's good to know. #nrlmelman #cmonfeelthenoize #
18:28 Please hang around for the comments. "Leftover cabbage sprouts 12-inch foliage in less than a fortnight" via @EdGiddins #
17:23 Glasgow 2014 unveil a thistle named Clyde as their Commonwealth Games mascot. I am not making this up. #glasgow2014 #
17:09 Some good news for once from Twitter. They have apparently blocked animated GIF avatars. #
12:06 Hmm. A donation to a humanitarian foundation run by a former US president is not a donation to a US political party. #
10:17 The definition of having an each-way bet is saying "Hip hip Jorge" and "Jorge has been huge" in the same article - #nrl #
10:11 which leads us to The Shower Scene From Psycho's cover of The Seekers' Georgy Girl - #
10:07 I hope The Shower Scene From Psycho are reforming to play the role of the Bernard Herrmann Orchestra #
10:05 Anthony Hopkins to play Alfred Hitchcock in a film about the making of Psycho. That sounds is my brain exploding. #
10:03 Madness. RT @InnerWestNews: APPLE fanatics made a line that stretched into Broadway Shopping Centre carpark. #news #
09:49 Hip hip hor-hay?? MT @Sydney_League: MANLY fans all over the northern beaches have been cheering "Hip Hip Jorge" #nrl #
09:13 "People can say a lot of ridiculous things and they should be able to say ridiculous things in a democracy." - JWH 2007 #
09:00 Hopefully, this will be biggest event in Hyde Park this Saturday afternoon - @Artandaboutsyd #
08:53 my dispute with Google Maps is, of course, trivial compared to the major cock-up that is Apple Maps. #
08:37 No, Twitter, I used to post my tweets to Facebook and I stopped for good reason. I'm not going to "try it" again #
07:55 Don't laugh, but in the space of the last 12 hours I have sprained my right thumb while using my phone #
07:37 Meanwhile, Bing Maps has the correct location - #


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