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Daily Twitter Posts - 12/09/2012

22:58 Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig gets "the highest environmental award in the sports industry" - #
22:44 oh it's Wednesday night comedy #lateline with Professor Palmer #
22:19 What a day what a week for @robbiefarah. He's just been named winner of the Brad Fittler Medal for NSW State of Origin player of the year. #
21:19 "The voodoo cult of positive thinking" - @edsmithwriter on Lance Armstrong - #
19:06 This has to be one of the most surreal days in contemporary Australian politics NOT starring Tony Abbott. #auspol #
19:03 A quite brilliant press release from @SenatorLudlam on "trolling" - #auspol #
18:04 err, event or product #
18:01 I congratulate the Daily Telegraph for this worthwhile product or event. #
15:28 Thank you, Robbie. RT @Wests_Tigers: Please find a statement issued today by our captain Robbie Farah: #
15:11 “I congratulate the Daily Telegraph for this worthwhile initiative.” Words that will be repeated out of context forever #
14:52 Judging by the dictionary, one of the few people who can talk about #trolling with any authority is @Rex_Hunt #
13:02 3/3 By "we" I mean the public, community and (via education) government. Censorship is not the answer. #
13:00 2/3 Farah's original grievance was genuine. The response was disproportionate and misguided. We can do more to prevent it happening. (cont) #
12:57 Although he mightn't score well in the glass house residency test, I think we must not demonise Robbie Farah. 1/2 #
12:27 Yeesss. RT @ssharwood: Pretty sure the daily telegraph has violated Twitter's design guidance with #stopthetrolls #
12:16 I should prepare a listicle on the best webinars about dramality webisodes. Meanwhile, twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble #
12:14 And a dreadful made-up word. RT @TheGlobalMail: @rickeyre @AustralianLabor @sharonacoutts A combination between a list and an article! #
12:11 Listicle ?!? MT @TheGlobalMail: @AustralianLabor here's @sharonacoutts' "listicle" detailing 10 of Campbell Newman's harshest #coalitioncuts #
11:42 On the eve of @ruokday, @acmadotgov reminds us of the best course of action to take in dealing with online "trolls" - #
10:55 Robbie, you're one of my favourite rugby league players, but gee... #
10:14 apologies for the bad pun about Twitter handles #

Daily Twitter Posts - 11/09/2012

23:21 Not to mention @signout and @quit #
23:19 So there is a real Twitter account called @logout #
22:59 From September 2004, my recollections of 9/11/01 - #
22:13 Front pages of today's papers in New York, Washington and surrounds. (note the NYT and WSJ) via @Poynter #
19:51 Tell McCloy there's a DA for one held up by Council. RT @bernietb: Newcastle should get a Tumblr. #
18:22 Julian Assange complained that C4 invaded his privacy? #irony (the complaint was rejected) #
18:18 So if I put the #auspol tag on a tweet but never read #auspol myself, does that technically make me a troll? #
18:17 The IPA's restrained wishlist for economic and social reform stops at a mere 75 items - #auspol #
18:09 @SportBizInsider I could think of plenty off the top of my head #
17:57 No Melbourne 1956? MT @SportBizInsider: 10 biggest gamechangers in Aus #sportsbiz: And why Del Piero is one of them, #
17:35 More on the @Skateistan tragedy in Kabul, via @ESPN_Action. Four of its young members killed by a suicide bomber - #
17:27 Hmm. I've never seen a Twitter bio quite like the legalese of @ESPN_Action's #
16:43 Queanbeyan Blues captain Jay Lasscock has died suddenly aged 25 - #rugbyleague #

Daily Twitter Posts - 10/09/2012

19:37 As in Rex Hunt's Trolling Adventures! #
19:36 Getting tired of mis-use of the word "trolling". Now this is trolling: #
19:29 @maxphillips thanks. Quotas are confusing me too much. Seems different to the state upper house quota system #
19:11 Actually, I'd love to know how anyone on 0.91 quotas and in last place can claim to be in front of anything. #marrickville #
19:09 I'd love to know how Rosana Tyler claims to be "200 votes in front" in #Marrickville West Ward. RT @InnerWestNews: #
18:54 Twitter is like a busy street. You bump into crazies every now on them. We don't regulate people talking to each other on the footpath. #
18:38 Spoke too soon. #
18:33 #ABC1 showing the highlights of #paralympics #closingceremony and no Coldplay? Fine with me :) #
17:46 #thecove #dolphins RT @Seasaver: Disturbing photo: The slaughter continues in #Taiji, #Japan. #
17:42 Commiserations to Barack Obama who failed to receive enough votes to be elected Lord Mayor of Sydney - #
16:59 I wonder if Mr Donikian knows how to undo retweets. He should. Now that John McCarthy's name has been released I'll draw attention to this. #
14:25 Ok. Laptop hard drive to be replaced. That worked well for about seven weeks. #
13:31 I sympathise with @robbiefarah. However people must refrain from re-posting obscene tweets in public. It only serves to give them normality. #
10:36 @InnerWestNews: you might like to fix the spelling of Robbie Farah's name in the opening paragraph of this - #
10:19 I should conduct dailogue with Dell support I suppose, but first, life #
10:06 Ok Twitter. Dell laptop hard drive diagnostic error 2000-0142. How serious is this? #
10:00 @feneleyandco @InnerWestNews could also be someone who remembers Robbie O'Davis #
09:42 Robbie who RT @InnerWestNews Police have been supplied with the computer IP address of the troll who attacked Tigers captain Robbie O'Farrah #
08:17 are there more exciting things to do on a Monday morning than wait for a one terabyte hard drive to do a scan? #
07:51 The end. #paralympics #olympics A big thank you to everyone involved with #London2012 #
07:35 much as I loathe the size and self-importance of the Olympics, if they exist to enable the #Paralympics to happen then they are worthwhile #

Daily Twitter Posts - 09/09/2012

20:19 Indonesia hands four-month ban to #badminton duo found guilty of match-throwing at #London2012 | #
20:12 I still think channel 10 should have hired Yahoo Serious as a creative consultant on Young Julian Assange or whatever it is called, #
20:06 Oscar Pistorius is shortlisted for an IPC Fair Play award. Alan Oliveira is not. - #paralympics #
19:45 @ConorTee Rabbitohs will smash em next week *cough* #
18:45 RT @tehelkadotcom ‘We'll give out four months or a years ban to those who’ve spoken against us’ Indian #Paralympic boss #
18:40 Berala has a new Woolies? Since when was it granted admission to civilisation? #
17:55 @ConorTee have not been near a television all afternoon. Did they play well? #
08:06 The match stats of the men's #wcbasketball gold medal game: RT @London2012: #paralympic #
07:57 Victory to @WCBballCanada winners of the mens wheelchair basketball 64-58. Great effort @AussieRollers silver medallists! #paralympics #
07:50 Canada's got this. #
07:43 thriller Canada up 55-52 with 3:10 to go #wcbasketball #paralympics #
07:35 to be fair to #abcparalympics they've done a great coverage over the past 9 days even with the odd misjudgment like that one #
07:07 #ABCparalympics played Oscar Pistorius' race on about 2 minutes delay to show interviews with Angela Ballard and Madison de Rozario. #fail #
07:03 Pistorius won that easily (and I tweet this at the moment #ABC1 is showing it) #
07:02 hmm. #ABC1 about to show the Pistorius race on delay. #abcparalympics #fail #
06:56 It's almost time for the final event in the Olympic Stadium. Pistorius versus Oliveira et anor. #mens400mT44 #paralympics #
06:53 The Observer's science editor has written an open letter to the new UK #Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 08/09/2012

22:01 The big loser today appears to be the O'Farrell government's attempt to privatise the running of elections in NSW. #nswpol #nswlocal #
21:45 and that #Marrickville will have a Mayor living in either Maroubra or Earlwood #
21:44 which leave me guessing that #Marrickville will end up Labor 6 Greens 4 "independents" 2 #
21:41 #Marrickville Central and South Wards look to me like they will be unchanged. North Ward is where the swing against Greens may cost them. #
21:40 #Marrickville Labor will gain a member in West Ward from the retiring independent. That will be significant shift in balance of Council. #
21:32 farewell Petero. #nrlnqlbri #
21:14 Liberals outpolled Greens at Stanmore Baptist Church. #marrickville #
20:51 I'm no expert on the quota system but it looks to me like the Liberals will come away from #Marrickville completely empty handed #
20:44 Looks like #Newcastle is on the brink of electing a non-resident climate change denier property developer Lord Mayor #
20:26 The might and influence of Alan Jones does it again. #cos12 #
20:21 I think it's fair to say that Mr Redegalli won't be a #Marrickville councillor. (he's Group E) #
20:08 I'm seeing informal votes of around 15-20% in the counts I've checked on the NSWEC website so far. #nswlocal #
19:51 Noooo. Why is Hadley calling the #nrlnqlbri game? Ch9 going on mute. #
18:21 Sutherland Shire is one of the DIY councils, they are promising live results here - #nswlocal #sutherland #
18:15 Ten councils handed their elections over to a private contractor. Their results *might* be posted here - #nswlocal #
18:05 Will be interesting to see how/if councils not with the NSWEC post live/updated results tonight. #nswlocal #
18:03 @jeffrey_gabriel 2 teams should work as with QRL, but the Tigers have no commitment to the idea and won't let another club into Campbelltown #
17:24 Condolences to the Prime Minister and her family on the passing of her father. Her statement (via @latikambourke) - #
17:22 Re @Wests_Tigers #VBNSWCup move. I think it's right. Shame that Balmain will pass into history though. Any chance a @tigers1908 #BRC team? #
16:59 New South Wales, have you voted yet? You've got one more hour. DO IT NOW! #nswlocal #
16:43 Doggies win 38-34. #vbnswcup #
16:34 and an unconverted try to Wenty 38-34 Dogs 6 remaining #vbnswcup #

Daily Twitter Posts - 07/09/2012

23:02 Staycation. Another word that should be prohibited as a risk to public health. #
21:49 Doggies. Tough game. #nrlcbyman #
21:41 "the #Paralympics has some amazing sport – if only people could stop patronising the athletes." #
20:13 #princeharrylookingatthings MT @skymarkwhite: First pic of Prince Harry in Afghanistan inspecting an Apache helicopter #
19:56 isn't it good that the #NRL kicked off at 7.45 as advertised? #nrlcbyman #
18:41 #nrl RT @everyword: ref #
16:26 Windy. #
15:54 Some #VBNSWCup tips for Finals Week One: Windsor, Canterbury, Newtown, Norths. I'll be at Belmore Saturday (but not at Kogarah Sunday alas) #
15:49 In the debate on prosthetic legs at the #Paralympic track, Richard Whitehead is often overlooked. RT @ConversationEDU #
15:28 that's if I'm not watching the #paralympics in preference. #bringthesparewheels #
15:26 umm, how is #bringthenoise relevant if I am watching the #nrl at home tonight? #
14:46 Joe Owens, former NSW BLF secretary and a leader of the Green Bans movement in the 1970s, has died - #
14:23 Beckwith International Leadership Development program provides support to Ghana #RugbyLeague's first national manager #

Best Paralympics ever? Calling America...

Submitted by Rick Eyre on September 8, 2012 - 9:06am

It's seems like a statement of the bleeding obvious to say that London 2012 has provided the best Paralympic Games ever. Regardless of the standard of play, they have captured the imagination like never before, in no small part because they, like the Olympic Games themselves, were conducted by LOCOG. No longer are the Paralympics a forgotten afterthought to the main event.

Massive live TV coverage in the UK through Channel 4, in Australia through the ABC, and elsewhere, but what of the US? Ten hours on NBC. Ten hours over nine days. Edited highlights.

Daily Twitter Posts - 06/09/2012

23:22 Excuse me? The #tenlate people have tweets printed out for them to read off sheets of paper? #
21:26 Not that UFO. RT @RT_com: BREAKING: UFO Strike: Lufthansa cancels 1,200 flights, over 100,000 to be affected #
20:37 what's this? Channel 10 have made a Young Julian Assange movie? #
19:56 "Dotty Berk" has to be one of the best names for a spammer I have ever seen. #
09:21 I was sitting next to a chap earlier who was writing. Handwriting on a notepad. With pen and paper. People don't do that on trains any more. #
08:51 Why is the train guard giving us handy advice on what to do before boarding the train that we've already boarded? #
07:51 Great win by the @aussierollers over Poland 76-53. Next stop: USA in the semis! #wcbasketball #paralympics #
07:49 ''The fat lard of something landed on top of me' The (physical) clash of two disendorsed Liberals in #Holroyd #nswlocal #
07:46 Who is John Marlowe and what is role in the Australia First party? #bluemountains #nswlocal #
07:34 come back Jaiku, all is forgiven! #
07:33 Twitter's Development Display Requirements document is a chilling masterpiece of corporate doublespeak - #
07:23 Twitter is shutting down XML, RSS and Atom feeds with its new API (but at least they give us 6 months notice) - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 05/09/2012

19:52 at least the late Senator Joe is impressed #
19:51 These corflute disappearances aren't happening everywhere but are obvious in a few places I've visited this week. #marrickville #
19:32 and all the Greens, Liberal and Socialist Alliance corflutes that have vanished in the past couple of days. #marrickville #nswlocal #
19:30 It's interesting seeing how many power poles only have Labor corflutes on them. #marrickville #nswlocal #
18:31 as a fan of BBC Radio 4's News Quiz, I will miss Charlotte Green and Harriet Cass - #
17:31 uh oh. Catherine Deveny and Peter Jensen both on #qanda next Monday. #
17:04 Ha. RT @superfooty: Oops! AFL reveals Rising Star winner 15min before it's announced #
17:02 (the temperature is currently in the high-20s, for the record) #
16:59 The Optus weather app has just updated to tell me it's 11 deg in Petersham North. Not only is the location way off but the temperature... #
12:35 so are there actually enough #NRL-standard coaches to go around in 2013? #
12:03 Sydney Mining Club. Is that like the Chess Club? #
11:21 @PennySharpemlc A timely reminder that not all people smugglers are "evil". #wallenberg #
11:11 Not the TV interviewer, but a champion of Big Tobacco. RT @NYTObits: Charlie Rose, U.S. Representative, Dies at 73 #
11:08 That be @Colvinius and @CatherineDeveny on #ABC1 as we speak. #BigIdeas #
09:16 I wonder how many newly redundant Fairfax staff will end up as political leaders in foreign countries #
09:11 Former reporter for the Cootamundra Herald and Northern Daily Leader is now leader of the UK Green Party - #
08:55 @A_J_Marshall Thanks for that. I woulld have thought it easy and inexpensive to copy the paper ads to the website but maybe that's just me. #
08:14 @A_J_Marshall yes, but the council website doesn't tell voters where their booths are, whether there's prepolling, or who the candidates are #
07:56 "The community isn't 100 placard-waving smelly individuals." - Newcastle Lord Mayor aspirant Jeff McCloy #

Daily Twitter Posts - 04/09/2012

23:20 Just discovered that one of my tweets was quoted in an SMH online article four months ago - #
22:14 Perhaps BOF could save money on the 2016 state election and get each electorate to run its own ballot. #nswpol #nswlocal #
22:12 Now this is ambitious. Sutherland Shire is running its own election *and* promising live results on its own website - #
22:10 Gunnedah Council is also running its own elections. Its website points to the NSW Electoral Commission which points back to the council site #
22:04 Lane Cove Council is proudly anticipating cost savings of 25% by running their council elections in-house - #nswlocal #
20:19 How US college football teams cope with defeat on their Facebook pages. Some just go quiet. #
20:13 Scottish Sun cancels book serialisation after Rangers fans jam switchboard via @guardian #
18:59 did I hear Leigh Sales say @abc730 is doing a pole-dancing story tonight? #
17:55 Two video refs in the #NRL finals? Two? Who has the casting vote if they disagree? #
17:24 Bing. RT @JohnJohnsonson: QUICK QUESTION: what's the best website for googling stuff? #
17:23 @Elliott1950 I actually vaguely recall his show there being telecast on ch9. Must have been *the* nightspot at the time. #
15:54 the moral of today's lesson is that I should take my own SEO more seriously #
15:39 looking at my search results of my name, I feel a little sorry for the photographer from Wisconsin and the firefighter from Staffordshire #
15:37 and there you have it. The Australian Women's Weekly is to be sold to a German publisher #
15:21 even my contributor's page on The Roar, for which I wrote three articles in 2009-10, comes way ahead of my own blog #
15:18 hmm top Google search result for "rick eyre" is my top level domain. 2nd is linkedin profile, twitter a/cs 5th 6th 7th. Blog is on 3rd page! #
13:24 #ohChris RT @CUhlmann: Technical question. Can Ed Husic be part of Labor’s Education "Crusade"? Discuss. #
12:47 @evilpandas yes I've seen the signs on the street. It's been a long time getting to this stage #
12:33 There's a lot of rubble where the Marrickville RSL used to be. #
09:38 This'll be good RT @Pollytics So the Qld government has an account @QLD_Mythbusters that Newman just encouraged you all to ask questions to. #
08:54 no thank you Google+, I will NOT be turning on Find My Face now or ever. #
07:25 How copyright enforcement robots killed the Hugo Awards - @io9 #
06:36 Another day, another "Tinkler misses payment" story - RT @newcastleherald:" #


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