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Daily Twitter Posts - 24/09/2012

21:55 Congratulations to Johnathan Thurston who was won the 2012 Ken Stephen Medal. All tonight's winners - #nrl #
21:44 I can't bear the trashy superficiality of #qanda after such a disturbing #4corners tonight. #
21:33 Is that what a Kim Kardashian is? What's the fuss? #mediawatch #
20:34 what on Earth would Luxembourg want with a seat on the UN Security Council? #
15:12 five consecutive trending topics on my current list sort of make a sentence: Australia; Can; Facebook; Great; Harry. #
15:09 When's he switching to #NRL? MT @triplejHack: looking forward to having @pocockdavid live with us at 530. What do you want to ask him? #
15:08 I have no idea what "Gangnam" is and am trying to see if I can stay that way till October at least #
14:46 Nice slogan. RT @JakeSaulwick: The fire department is on hand. Looks like 20-30 people with a fair few kids in this car #
14:36 "Ben Bodkin, who cabbaged most notoriously..." RT @OEDonline: OED Word of the Day: cabbage, v.2: #
14:34 How on Earth... RT @KJBar: There is a car flipped over on it's back on Sydney's Broadway. #
14:28 "This is your last chance ever to join the Sydney Treasure Hunt on the Monorail!" Uh huh. #
14:26 ha ha ha. Latest newsletter from Metro Transport Sydney lands in my inbox just as I read news of the latest monorail breakdown. #
14:23 Only 9 months left. RT @FireRescueNSW: #FRNSW crews assisting with the evacuation of passengers following monorail breakdown in Sydney #CBD. #
14:22 Must say the Google search results for my name are looking a lot better since I unblocked the Googlebot. #doh #
10:30 It's ridiculous that @TonyAbbottMHR thinks an Australian Prime Minister should not attend an UN General Assembly. Would he pass it up? #
09:45 The Italian Forum at #Leichhardt really should be renamed L'Elefante Bianco. #
07:49 seems odd for ABC @BreakfastNews to be sourcing a report on the IgNobel Prizes from @AJEnglish #
07:10 In a few hours it will be the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the first episode of "The Jetsons" - #
06:55 Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says the 140-character limit is "sacrosanct", while trashing everything else. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 23/09/2012

18:33 Umm how is this news? RT @haaretzonline: #Jewish stars prepare to shine at 64th annual @PrimetimeEmmys awards #
08:47 Imagine if Transport For NSW had put its rail/bus planning info on Apple Maps instead of Google Maps #
07:51 @FairfieldCity thanks #
07:13 Hey @FairfieldCity why is the Cabramatta Moon Festival's official Twitter account @cabramoonfest locked? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 22/09/2012

22:31 The LinkedIn poll is up. #nrl RT @rickeyremedia: Who will win the 2012 NRL Grand Final?: #
22:07 Melbourne v Canterbury. The 21st century's two great salary cap cheats go head to head. #nrl #cmonfeelthenoize #
22:00 and, of course, go Swannies! #
21:44 but for the next eight days, Ich bien eine bulldogger. #nrlcbysou #
21:43 Great work @ssfcrabbitohs in making it to the preliminary final. Best effort in years. You'll do better in 2013. #nrlcbysou #
21:21 that could be it. #nrlcbysou #
20:42 Souths don't want to lose this by 2 or less. #nrlcbysou #
19:56 America was sending astronauts to the moon the last time Souths made the grand final. That's how long ago it is. #nrlcbysou #
19:52 Why are Americans eating 30% more avocadoes than last year? #
19:09 25 Dead US Presidents to Follow on Twitter #
18:36 former ALP Senator Chris Schacht loses election for President of International Volleyball Federation - #
17:51 "Bing Desktop brings the beatuty of the Bing homepage to your Windows desktop every day." Spot the oxymoron. #
17:47 I meant to tag that #nrlcbysou #
17:38 I have spent most of the afternoon in Canterbury/St George territory. People in Rabbitohs gear outnumbering Bulldogs ~10:1. #nrlsoucan #
17:31 Bemused at ch7 Sydney not showing #aflhawkscrows on their analog channel. Return To Witch Mountain at 6.30?? #
14:40 Twitter wants me to make my profile page "look beautiful". Well, guess what Twitter, I like it ugly!! #
12:25 I can't believe I had Googlebot blocked from my site for so long. Can't even remember now why I did it. Explains much of my SEO woes #
07:08 ha. Many moons ago I blocked an IP address of the Googlebot from my website. Unblocked it now, but that explains some of my access stats. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 21/09/2012

22:52 @AdamMcGrogan I'd hope so #
22:23 apart from Bandwagon Sheeds, I wonder how the Giants organisation feel about the East Sydney Swans making the Grand Final? #aflswanspies #
22:10 go South Melbourne! #
21:38 "their favourite arch-rival of all" Rabs channelling his Inner Rex. #nrlmelman #
21:30 Canterbury v Souths tomorrow night. That's the playoff for 2nd and 3rd... #nrlmelman #cmonfeelthenoize #
21:21 Shut the gate. The horse has bolted. (Sorry Rex) #nrlmelman #
21:16 Sport is a funny game. #
20:59 Yes Melbourne that was a good try. #nrlmelman #
20:17 What, no video referral? #nrlmelman #
20:15 Maybe the video refs are too busy watching the greyhounds at Wentworth Park. (Do they still have greyhounds at Wentworth Park?) #nrlmelman #
20:13 @bernietb and the solution to poor refereeing is simply to double their numbers. I'm totally baffled. #nrlmelman #
20:11 I'm usually reluctant to bag referees/umpires in any sport but Gawd! What sort of training do these video refs get? #nrlmelman #
20:07 Hey I was joking. #
20:06 Slater's lost it. The video ref will award it. #nrlmelman #
20:02 Oh dear. Cronk got about twenty bonus metres out of that Manly defence. #nrlmelman #
19:59 The Melbourne Storm players are all Programmed. That's good to know. #nrlmelman #cmonfeelthenoize #
18:28 Please hang around for the comments. "Leftover cabbage sprouts 12-inch foliage in less than a fortnight" via @EdGiddins #
17:23 Glasgow 2014 unveil a thistle named Clyde as their Commonwealth Games mascot. I am not making this up. #glasgow2014 #
17:09 Some good news for once from Twitter. They have apparently blocked animated GIF avatars. #
12:06 Hmm. A donation to a humanitarian foundation run by a former US president is not a donation to a US political party. #
10:17 The definition of having an each-way bet is saying "Hip hip Jorge" and "Jorge has been huge" in the same article - #nrl #
10:11 which leads us to The Shower Scene From Psycho's cover of The Seekers' Georgy Girl - #
10:07 I hope The Shower Scene From Psycho are reforming to play the role of the Bernard Herrmann Orchestra #
10:05 Anthony Hopkins to play Alfred Hitchcock in a film about the making of Psycho. That sounds is my brain exploding. #
10:03 Madness. RT @InnerWestNews: APPLE fanatics made a line that stretched into Broadway Shopping Centre carpark. #news #
09:49 Hip hip hor-hay?? MT @Sydney_League: MANLY fans all over the northern beaches have been cheering "Hip Hip Jorge" #nrl #
09:13 "People can say a lot of ridiculous things and they should be able to say ridiculous things in a democracy." - JWH 2007 #
09:00 Hopefully, this will be biggest event in Hyde Park this Saturday afternoon - @Artandaboutsyd #
08:53 my dispute with Google Maps is, of course, trivial compared to the major cock-up that is Apple Maps. #
08:37 No, Twitter, I used to post my tweets to Facebook and I stopped for good reason. I'm not going to "try it" again #
07:55 Don't laugh, but in the space of the last 12 hours I have sprained my right thumb while using my phone #
07:37 Meanwhile, Bing Maps has the correct location - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 20/09/2012

23:27 Indian Cements, Chennai Super Kings, the BCCI presidency - N.Srinivasan could be adding a #hockey team to his portfolio #
23:06 Statement by Wests Tigers CEO Stephen Humphreys after tonight's board meeting. Nothing to see here, move along. #nrl #
15:39 One of my favourite sportswriters, @OsmanSamiuddin of @SprtNationalUAE, on the importance of the handshake in sport - #
14:37 so to recap: the NSW Liberal Party is in turmoil because the Supreme Court has ordered it to implement democracy. #nswpol #
07:43 Rough. RT @702sydney: Clover Moore's dog Bessie isn't happy that the Lord Mayor has to step down from parliament either! #
07:31 The online popularity of UEFA Champions League teams in terms of Facebook and Twitter followers. NB Man United - #ucl #
06:47 Official hashtag: #prohibition RT @tenbreakfast: Do you think the legal #drinking age should be raised to 25? #HenryHotline #TenBreakfast #
06:44 Sydney mass-market comic book claims moral high ground via awkward alliterative headline #

Daily Twitter Posts - 19/09/2012

20:07 Uh oh. RT @France24_en: [BREAKING] France to close 20 embassies Friday, fearing cartoon backlash #
16:46 Busker reading his music from an ipad. I didn't leave him a tip. #
16:13 I'm impressed with this. NSW @TeachersFed to hold a community "day of action" on a Term 4 weekend instead of striking #
15:55 Chinese badminton players withdrawn from Japan Open because uninhabited islands - #
14:52 Not comfortable with some of the people on Twitter who think a conscience is ok so long as it doesn't disagree with their conscience #
14:01 Pat Buchanan and Cory Bernardi are next to each other on my Twitter trending topics list. Seems to be that kind of day. #
12:59 Remember folks: this is an Australia where more people support offshore processing than support same-sex maariage. More work needed on both. #
12:58 I'm guessing from those numbers that even with a conscience vote from the LNP, the same-sex marriage bill would still have been defeated. #
12:45 This would be cooler if it wasn't an ad for a Foxtel TV show. #
12:08 So another Liberal Party leader loses a Parliamentary Secretary over a homophobia scandal. #
12:00 In actual fact @Amijubi2014, @FulecoArmadillo and @ZuzecoArmadillo are running for the position of Official Armadillo of 2014 FIFA World Cup #
11:49 In the course of this morning I have been followed on Twitter by three armadillos. If I happen to marry them all don't tell Senator Bernardi #
10:33 Anyone who says "we've got 332 retweets but we want 10,000" shouldn't be in social media marketing. #
10:05 @vanOnselenP but isn't BOF's anonymity with the NSW public a performance indicator in itself? #
10:04 A week is a long time in US politics. Just remember that there are seven (7) of those left before the election. #mittens #
08:59 The #NFL is using non-union referees during an industrial dispute with its officials. How's it going? - #
08:54 Yep. There's big money to be made in jumping the shark. RT @ben_hr: @rickeyre @clutterbells visuals = ads #
08:44 Infographic Of The Day: There are 479 magicians registered on LinkedIn in the UK. #
08:40 Top Gun Tony! #
08:39 btw, I have decided to stop including the auspol hashtag in my tweets #
08:39 another Tony Abbott Says, another masterclass in repetitive spin-driven talking-point-oriented clichespeak. #
08:14 At least Joe Hockey disagrees with Cory Bernardi. #
08:00 Twitter, whose great strength was its emphasis on text, continues its obsession with visuals - #
07:54 Most sports are so paranoid about ambush marketing. How did Yunel Escobar get on the field with messages like that written on his face? #mlb #

Daily Twitter Posts - 18/09/2012

23:38 Who is the Premier? (a) Barry O'Farrell (b) Kristina Keneally (c) Campbell Newman (d) Alan Jones (e) a jar of vegemite? #galaxy #nswpol #
23:19 My latest blog post, where I fail to pick a winner for the ICC World Twenty20 - #cricket #
20:59 Why didn't the Court demand the handing in of the negatives and the burning of the polaroids? #waterkate #
20:58 Return them? Really? RT @BreakingF24: [BREAKING] French court orders magazine to return Middleton topless photos #
19:05 Australia is 11th for men. RT @IBAF_Baseball: (18 Sep 2012, 10:45) IBAF updates World Rankings for Men’s and Women’s #
18:21 The telecast of the opening ceremony of the 2011 Pan American Games has won an Emmy for... costume design! #
18:12 Someone needs to write a listicle of their feelpinions. #
14:27 Alessandro del Piero will not make his Sydney FC debut at Budgewoi after all. The game has been cancelled. #
12:35 for those who want to re-live the experience of Greg Sheridan on #qanda, it's on #ABC1 now #

Daily Twitter Posts - 17/09/2012

20:50 #waterkate (oh I love that hashtag) RT @mediaguardian: Desmond faces battle if he tries to close the Irish Daily Star #
18:41 On the subject of advocating violence, whatever happened to that radio broadcaster who wanted the Prime Minister put in a chaff bag? #
18:09 More on the endangered Brazilian three-banded armadillo, now the face of the 2014 FIFA World Cup - #
17:44 Another corner shop has bitten the dust. Stanmore Rd and Wemyss St #Enmore. #
16:29 Maybd next week's #qanda could have a panel comprising the five captains of the South Sydney Rabbitohs. #
16:28 Last week the Archbishop of Sydney on #qanda. This week the Lord Mayor. What Sydneycentric guests could go on the panel next week? #
16:24 The as-yet-nameless armadillo mascot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup has a Twitter account already. Follow @Mascot2014. #
16:14 How cool is this? The official mascot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is an armadillo! - #
15:50 Breaking Rural News: RT @ABCRural: This is a test: And this is text to put into the test. #
14:47 Its spot in the 2016 Olympics may be in jeopardy, but badminton is making a bid for the 2020 Paralympics - #
13:30 Looks like my efforts to avoid running out of bandwidth before midnight are about to come to a screeching h #
09:45 Goodness me. I now have in my possession a large parcel of Christopher Hitchens books. Thank you @crikeyweekender and @AllenAndUnwin #
08:28 and in a Twitter Breakfast Exception Reporting Update, I've been up since before 6 and am having my first coffee at 8.30 #
07:57 Google Maps' auto-reply thanks me for "Your report near Botany Track in Wangi Wangi". This is not going well. #
07:45 Reported a problem to Google Maps. Wonder if they'll act. #
07:40 I love comedy routines from Christopher Pyne over breakfast on a Monday morning. #
07:34 I grew up at Marks Point, NSW, and I'm damn certain it's not where Google Maps tells me it is! #


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