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rick eyre

Cricinfo at 20ish: CricInfo365 at 15

Today, July 16, is the 15th anniversary of the first edition of CricInfo365 - the daily news email service of CricInfo, then a joint venture with Direct Network Publishing (later 365Corp). I was its creator, editor, and in those early days, its full-time staff of one, and worked on about a thousand editions (through a name change to CricInfo Daily) until August 2001.


"Today In Cricket" - you've visited the website, now buy the book!

See important update below

After years as an online-only presence, "Today In Cricket: Events on this day in cricket history" is now released in print.

Around six thousand fun-filled facts on births, deaths and interesting events in the sport of cricket for every day of the year, based on my "Today In Cricket History" feature which has appeared in various forms on the internet and other like media over the past seventeen years, plus a few short essays by me which have not previously been published.

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