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Returning slowly to normal, and hi to the twitterati while I'm at it

As you can see, my blog is back on the air, having completed eleven incremental upgrades to bring my Drupal installation up to date. I'm doing this while my fabulous hosting provider is doing a server reallocation. Some features on my blog (including a lot of the cricket stuff that can usually be seen at the bottom of the page) is disabled until I sort out a few performance issues.

A satirical piss-take that I did on this article in yesterday's Newcastle Herald appears to have been lost in the server upgrades - I must have posted it at precisely the wrong time, which is a pity because it was attracting a little bit of feedback on Twitter.

On the subject of Twitter, a cheerio to those of you who have arrived at this blog for the first time via Twitter. I'm still getting the hang of what I want out of it, but my experience thus far is that it's a much more successful networking tool (for my situation, at least) than Facebook or even direct blogging - although will always remain the flagship of my personal expression.

About six weeks ago I was crowing about reaching ten followers on Twitter. Yesterday, follower number 100 joined up. I won't draw any false conclusions from that - some are stat junkies, some are "I follow you, now you follow me" artists - but I do sincerely thank those twitterati who have followed me because something I have tweeted has grabbed their attention. And I guess that is all of you who have come this far :-)

Probably time for me to do an up-to-date "About Me" page. Maybe this long weekend...