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Rugby league in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific on LinkedIn

Join my LinkedIn rugby league groupIt's not quite as ground-breaking as my creation of seventeen years ago, but I've set up a discussion group for LinkedIn members interested in the NRL and Pertinent League Matters in the Australasia/South Pacific basin.

I launched "Rugby League in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific", to give its descriptive title, because I believe it fills a niche that hasn't been catered for on LinkedIn to date. reborn again

I've relaunched my central cricket webspace, on Posterous.

After thinking about retiring it completely, I've decided to give it a reboot after successfully spinning off my cricket-only Twitter account @rickeyrecricket in December and raising my profile a little, including the start of a monthly column for iSportconnect.

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Returning slowly to normal, and hi to the twitterati while I'm at it

As you can see, my blog is back on the air, having completed eleven incremental upgrades to bring my Drupal installation up to date. I'm doing this while my fabulous hosting provider is doing a server reallocation. Some features on my blog (including a lot of the cricket stuff that can usually be seen at the bottom of the page) is disabled until I sort out a few performance issues.

My aus election 2007 blog

All of my blog entries on the 2007 Federal Election can now be reached directly from Please note the Y2K compliance :-)

The URL for the RSS feed is

I'll be adding a series of position statements on my voting intentions, recommendations and policy analyses in the coming weeks - complete with variations noted if I should change my mind!


The proliferation of social networking sites is a subject that makes my brain want to explode. Myspace makes me cringe, for two reasons: (i) the encourages some really bad, lazy web layout; and (ii) it's now owned by Rupert Murdoch. Facebook has achieved flavour of the month status, and thanks to peer pressure I've beefed up my presence there.

My Facebook page is here, or if you're already a member you can go straight to my profile here.

I'm currently developing the Cricketista group. Feel free to join up and post a message on the wall.

Cricket on the

I've revived the old scrapbook concept that I was using a few years ago, however I've outsourced it to

I'm using it to link to business and politics-related items about the Cricket World Cup - I figure there will be enough bloggage and reportage of the match play that I can stick to my own niche.

Occasionally there'll be a story which I might want to blog further over here, but for all the clippings, please go to


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