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The Net Sessions, Episode 1.2 Re-archived

Episode two of the Net Sessions, first released August 19, 2005. Re-archived in my new blog structure and only available in Ogg Vorbis format.

There were eight episodes made up till January 2006 and they will be progressively re-loaded to this blog in the next few days.

I promise there will be a series two. If anyone wants to collaborate in Net Sessions 2.0, please contact me.

(Update July 2013: This episode of The Net Sessions is now available on Soundcloud as below. You may have noticed by now that there never was a series two.)

The Net Sessions, Episode 1.1 Re-archived

Attached is episode one from the first series of my cricket podcast, The Net Sessions. This audio was first released on August 5, 2005.

I am re-archiving the audios as part of my new blog structure, and in Ogg Vorbis format only. The former podcast feeds are in the process of being deprecated.

On the Beeb again

I've just done a brief interview on BBC Five Live's Pods and Blogs program, the second time I've been on their show. They were doing a segment previewing the Ashes, talking mainly about the BBC Online coverage (which will include Test Match Special podcasts after each day's play).

But they also trotted out one of my more infamous podcasts from The Net Sessions, after which I gave my take on this year's Ashes (ie, that Australia's experience will be the decisive factor) and discussed blogging a little.

A change of blog

A special cheerio to those of you who are visiting this website via Patrick Kidd's cricket blog at The Times, "Line and Length". Patrick picked up on my item on Anthony Albanese's cricketing analogy to fighting global warming. (And no, I don't go trawling Hansard every night for quotes, I happened to see Albo on the tele giving the speech in question.)

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As featured in Wisden

"...the most useful source of inspiration comes from established blogs such as Rick Eyre's"
- Alistair McLellan, "How to be a Cricket Blogger", Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2006

My copy of the 143rd Wisden arrived by Australia Post courier this morning, having pre-ordered it from when it was on 55% discount. First port of call was the "Cricket on the Internet" feature.

This year, Alistair McLellan did a piece on blogs relating to cricket. I did a phone interview with Alistair last year during one of the Ashes Tests when he was researching his article, and I know that he contacted a few other regular cricket bloggers, including some of you reading this.

The article appears on pages 1569 and 1570 of the hardcover edition. I won't dissect the piece now, but at the end he does give the URLs of eight blogs which he recommends as showing "signs of both permanence and quality". One of these has gone off-line since the time of writing!

The 2006 Wisden is a mere 1600 pages in length and I'll review it over the next few days, probably in instalments. (My one previous review of Wisden, of the 2003 Tim de Lisle edition, can be found here.)

Not quite the first, Sunny

For the first time in India, and perhaps in the cricketing world, podcasts will be available to cricket aficionados to download and listen to at their convenience.
- Yahoo! India teams up with Gavaskar for podcasting and more, sourced from, 10.1.06

Well no, Sunny won't be featuring in the cricketing world's first podcast, though he may well be the first leading player to appear in one.


Raccoon's in The Guardian

The Guardian's online over-by-over coverage of the final day of the Fifth Test has come top of website editor Emily Bell's Top 5 for this week. Among the edited highlights reproduced from that tumultuous day was my remark about Kevin Pietersen and the dead raccoon under his helmet.


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