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My voting in the 2013 Federal Election

My fourteenth federal election as a voter is my first in the electorate of Watson, having been informed by the AEC that the boundary separating me from my former electorate of Grayndler goes right down the middle of the street in which I now live.

Having resisted the temptation (to which I succumbed in 2010) to vote pre-poll, I cast my vote this morning at Malvern Hill Uniting Church, Croydon, which in 2010 was one of the more conservative booths in Tony Burke's electorate.

My booth review for can be seen here. All three major parties had operatives outside the polling booth. Rather oddly, among the many "Ron Delezio Liberal for Watson" signs there were some for "Tony Abbott Liberal for Warringah"...

As in 2004, 2007 and 2010 I am posting details of my vote on my blog. With some trepidation I decided as in 2010 to fill in all boxes below the line for the Senate - all 110 of them.

The NSW Senate ballot paper is living proof that there is a fine line between democracy and self-indulgence for some parties. I doubt that I would have been confident about doing a below the line vote without the help of the website who provided a customised print-out HTV card for me to copy. The direct URL for my choices is here.

My votes for 2013:

House of Representatives:
3 Ron Delezio (Liberal Party)
1 Barbara Bloch (The Greens)
4 Stephen Rawson (DLP)
5 Zaheer Nasser (Palmer United Party)
2 Tony Burke (Labor)
6 Paul Kamlade (Rise Up Australia)
7 David Fraser (Christian Democrats)

For the Senate, there being six senators to be elected, I chose 1 to 6 individually as follows:
1 Cate Faehrmann (The Greens)
2 Ursula Stephens (Labor)
3 James Ryan (The Greens)
4 Doug Cameron (Labor)
5 Penny Blatchford (The Greens)
6 Bob Carr (Labor)

7-9 the rest of the Greens ticket
10-12 the rest of the Labor ticket
13-14 Pirate Party
15-16 Democrats
17-18 Stop CSG
19-20 Socialist Alliance
21-22 Australian Republicans
23-24 Socialist Equality
25-30 Liberal/National Party
31-32 DLP
33-35 Senator Online
36-37 Voluntary Euthanasia
38-39 HEMP
40-41 Carers Alliance
42-43 Future Party
44-45 Equal Parenting
46-47 Palmer United Party
48-49 unnamed Group F
50-51 unnamed Group AG
52-55 ungrouped independents

from 56-110 is a donkey vote of everyone else, with one P.Hanson coming in at 108:
Liberal Democrats, No Carbon Tax, Wikileaks, Rise Up, Christian Democrats, Katter Australia Party, Australian Voice, Sex Party, Fishing and Lifestyle, Building Australia, Uniting Australia, Stop the Greens, Smokers Rights, Bullet Train, Australian Protectionist, Animal Justice, Australia First, Australian Independents, Drug Law Reform, Family First, Stable Population, Shooters and Fishers, Secular Party, Motoring Enthusiasts and One Nation.