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Youtube do dia: Curling

It's Winter Olympics time again. The Vancouver games are with us. And I care for no reason other than to follow the curling. And, by extension, to take part in that rarest of my indulgences - namely, to cheer for a British national team.

For an explanation of the sport of curling, look no further than this video from Current TV, shot on location at that Home of Winter Sports, San Jose, California:

Chamonix 1924 update

In late breaking news from the "International Sports Week 1924", which will one day be renamed the First Olympic Winter Games, we've just learned that Great Britain has won the gold medal for men's curling after it was realised that curling was an official sport in 1924 and did not attain demonstration status until St Moritz 1928.

Something's happening in Torino?

"It’s Athens 2004 time. I’ve found it really hard to get enthusiastic about these Olympics."
- Rick Eyre, commencing the first of 46 posts about the 2004 Olympics, 13.8.04

It's just wrong holding the Winter Olympics in the alternate even-numbered year. It's just not an Olympiad. Do the maths: 2006 divided by 4 equals 501.5. It just shouldn't be.

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