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dick cheney

On yer scooter, George!

As Independence Day, the 231st anniversary of the collective breakaway of thirteen British colonies from King George III's empire, draws to a close (US time), I can think of just one way to mark the occasion here.

Earlier today, the Los Angeles Impeachment Centre was officially launched. It is intended as a "countywide resource for advancing the impeachment of George W. Bush & Richard Cheney".

Hoo-ray, he's gone!

The CEO of White House Halliburton has finally left our shores. Richard Bruce Cheney, 66, wild game hunter of Casper, Wyoming, flew out of Mascot Airport this morning after two and a half days of what could be best described as a blatant violation of Australian sovereignty.

Laws bent so that his Secret Servicemen could carry loaded guns, large slabs of the Sydney CBD closed down whenever he was driven anywhere - even the Sydney Harbour Bridge was closed down at short notice when he took a totally unnecessary trip to John Howard's party house at Kirribilli. Not to mention some of the most bewildering doublespeak over that masterpiece of public-private partnership, the US war "effort" in Iraq.

Foreign extremist addresses Sydney gatherings

The transcripts of Dick Cheney's public speeches in Sydney yesterday are available on the vice-presidential website:

  • A brief, but enormously insightful comment at a breakfast for the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue at his private fortress called the Shangri-La Hotel, 7.59am Friday 23.2.07 (transcript)

Dick Cheney is coming to town

" know have to accept that in our country we have our laws and we just administer our laws and Australia is traditionally a very egalitarian county. Therefore our laws apply to all people. We don't have exemptions from our laws for different categories of people. That's just the way we work in this country, that's just the way our country is and it will probably always be like that."

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