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mitt romney

I talk to the chair but it doesn't listen to me

The Republican four-day infomercial drew to a close at Tampa, Florida on Thursday, even if the first day was curtailed due to the threat of Cyclone/Hurricane Isaac. To no one's surprise, Mittens Romney won the nomination as the GOP candidate for the electoral college candidates who will, in turn, be chosen by the American people on November 6.

London Day minus two: Kim Jong Un's wedding present

The Games have begun. That traditional opening to the Olympics, unknown up till now as Women's Soccer Wednesday. The twelve teams of this Matildaless tournament got the Games of the XXX Olympiad under way, but one team received preferential treatment from the organisers. On the day it was announced that Kim Jong Un was no longer the world's most eligible bachelor, LOCOG chose the ideal present from their wedding gift register.

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