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aus election 2007

Eleven years of good government: Part I

Australia criticised over Solomons role

Solomon Islands PM Manasseh Sogavare has criticised the Australian-led RAMSI (Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands), accusing the mission of representing too much of Canberra's interests and of failing to focus on its mandate to restore law and order in the South Pacific nation. More from Associated Press in Tuesday's Sydney Morning Herald.

Collusion to conceal the election date?

Exhibit A:

PETER COSTELLO: This is the last question time—

Opposition members interjecting—

PETER COSTELLO: It could well be the last question time before the election...

(source: Hansard, 20.9.07)

Exhibit B:

[Dave] Hughes: "What are you talking about, the election or the grand final?"

John Howard's aspirational target for retirement

So John Howard will step down as Prime Minister if he is re-elected for a fifth term of office later this year. But did the former suburban solicitor, who is always so finicky about the exact words that he uses, really say that?

This is the relevant quote from the transcript of his interview on the "7.30 Report" last night:

You're living in your own private Kyoto

sydney declaration

1. Mike Atherton's closure of England's innings at the SCG when Graeme Hick was 98 not out.

2. An aspirational emission of greenhouse gases not worth the paper it is written on.

It's over. Martial law is gradually winding down and Mister Iemma is Tearing Down That Wall. GW Bush has found the right exit and left Austria following the conclusion of OPEC.

The election approacheth

Here begins my bloggage of the 2007 Australian federal election.

We don't know yet when it will be held. As of today, it could in theory be held any time from five weeks away (ie, September 22) up till January 19, 2008. I'm predicting it will be October 27.

The pseudo-campaigning has been on for ages, of course, and with the Howard government behind in the opinion polls, seemingly terminally, things are getting nasty.


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