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A great English victory beckons

Submitted by rickeyre on August 27, 2005 - 12:47pm

Something I thought I would never see, well not in this decade anyway, appears to be unfolding at New Road, Worcester, today.

It's lunch on Day Three of the Second Women's Test between England and Australia. The visitors made 131 in their first innings. England, after being 227 for 9 at the close of the second day, advanced to 289 all out. Australia faced sixteen overs before lunch. They are currently 13 for 3.

It must be election time in the big apple

Submitted by rickeyre on August 26, 2005 - 1:55am

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is on the pork barrel trail in the lead-up to the November 8 city elections.

Bloomberg kicked off a busy meet-the-people Saturday with a photo op at St Alban's Park, Queens, which he announced would receive $1.5 million of city funding for the building of a dedicated cricket ground. It will only be the second specialist cricket venue in contemporary New York.


Submitted by rickeyre on August 25, 2005 - 10:48pm

Thursday's Christian Science Monitor has a rather confused article by Mark Rice-Oxley titled Cricket makes a comeback in Britain.

Rice-Oxley talks about the increased interest in Test cricket as a result of the excitement of the Second and Third Tests between England and Australia, yet the sub-editors appear to be more interested in playing up the Twenty20 elements of the article. Possibly because they've noticed the word "baseball" used in close proximity to Twenty20 quite frequently.

Geraint, Blessing, World snub shock

Submitted by rickeyre on August 24, 2005 - 3:46pm

Geraint Jones, Blessing Mahwire and Tapash Baisya are among the shock omissions from the thirteen-man ICC World XI chosen to play Australia in a six-day exhibition game at the Sydney Cricket Ground in October.

The prospect of a new-ball pairing of Shabbir Ahmed and Jermaine Lawson will be denied to the five or six thousand spectators expected to pack the SCG for the match, a fundraiser to support the noble cause of the winning team's wallets.

Men in White: BBC 1Xtra

Submitted by rickeyre on August 22, 2005 - 7:35am

1Xtra, the BBC's digital black music radio channel, aired a documentary last Monday entitled "Men in White", which was essentially asking the question: "Is England a white sport dominated by class?" Considering that there are currently no players of Afro-Caribbean or Asian heritage in the England Test team, it's a salient point.

Hands off Murdoch's cricket rights

Submitted by rickeyre on August 21, 2005 - 1:24pm,10070,1552951,00.html

Thought-provoking opinion piece in today's Guardian by former New Statesman editor Peter Wilby on the controversy over English Test cricket TV rights. Wilby argues that Government intervention to keep Test cricket on free-to-air television would be inappropriate. "But sport is just entertainment, for heaven's sake."


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