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Errol Flynn centenary tribute flops

Clarence AFL Tasmania footballer Tim Orchard has been suspended indefinitely by his club and ordered to undertake counselling after wilfully permitting his manhood to be televised live on ABC television in the dressing sheds after his club's game on Saturday.

Television has a long history in this country of candid and over-intrusive pre and post-match visits to the dressing room while players are displaying their lack of club colours. Orchard, however, was (otherwise) fully clothed at the time.

100 today: Was Errol Flynn the biggest Tasmanian ever?

Today, June 20, is the centennial of Tasmania's biggest thespian, Errol Flynn. While I pondered some three years ago whether Ricky Ponting was a bigger Tasmanian, his Punterness hasn't been swashing his buckle too well in those live action shorts better known as the ICCWT20 lately.

Get some pork on your fork in... Braddon

North-western Tasmania, including Devonport, Burnie, Smithton and King Island. Home of the Mersey Hospital, that most blatant of pork barrels that JWH announced on the Intertubes before even discussing it with the state government, and condemned by many as bad, populist, policy. Here is one of Bud Abbott's defences of the takeover.

Tasmania: cricket nursery to the world

It's March 5, 1988 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Tasmania loses a Sheffield Shield match to New South Wales by eight wickets. Never mind the fact that the NSW team included nine past, present or future Australian internationals, take a look at the Tasmanian lineup, and you'll see why the Apple Isle was the hotbed of off-field cricketing talent for the 21st century.

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