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April 2012

Daily Twitter Posts - 19/04/2012

20:42 #london2012 RT @c_of_e: Read about what the CofE is doing to engage with communities during the 2012 Games #olympics #
19:51 Done! Thank you. RT @abcmarkscott: Out now: the new ABC Android app. Download here: #
18:07 To summarise: Claims of "trending topics" are a joke, giving flawed results from undisclosed methodologies and tiny statistical samples. #
18:01 (the flautist in question being the late Greg Ham) #
17:59 Apparently the name of the deceased flautist is not. o_O RT @TrendsSydney: 'flautist' is now trending in #Sydney #
17:55 Hello Rupert. RT @austmus: Some dinosaurs may have grown to gigantic sizes to avoid competition from their own young - #
17:54 Proof that one retweeted spelling mistake can break Trendsmap. RT @TrendsSydney: 'apreciate' is now trending in #Sydney #
17:50 This is genuinely a fabulous idea. Subiaco Oval to build a multi-denominational prayer room. - #religion #multicultural #
16:28 Time's latest list of 100 "most influential people" is so ridiculous I'm not going to link to it. #
15:51 #london2012 RT @abeaujon: Will overzealousness about protecting Olympic brand damage Olympic brand? #
15:07 #baku2020 RT @amnestyOz: Azerbaijan: Journalists brutally attacked as crackdown continues ahead of #Eurovision #
14:28 How generous. Everyone gets a go. RT @AnnastaciaMP: Today I announced the @QLDLabor shadow cabinet. #qldpol #
14:26 Good profile of @alboMP by @bernardkeane for @thepowerindex #auspol #
14:16 Oh dear. The Greens are quoting #qanda poll results in their media releases now. #
13:12 Hmm. #marrickville RT @BestMarrickvlle: Maurice Menswear (owned by Mayor Hanna) is closing down!!!!!!!! #
08:36 @Pollytics if the ABC released a compilation DVD of Joe Hockey Lateline interviews under "Comedy" I'd almost be tempted to buy it. #
08:24 Sunshine, the faintest of drizzle, and... #
08:21 Blue sky. Sunshine. And very fine drizzle. #sydney #

Daily Twitter Posts - 18/04/2012

22:29 Here it is. The official tartan of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games - #
22:00 Umm, O*e Dire***on tickets are going on sale 17 months in advance? Will these kiddies even still be famous in 17 months time? #
18:51 Hello, President Zuma! RT @everyword: polygamous #
16:57 I worry when @dannolan_ebooks makes more sense than @rupertmurdoch #
12:28 Burglars break into Bunnings but don't have the tools to crack the safe - #
11:49 Together or separately? RT @warne888: Anyone else out there interested in UFO's and dinosaurs? #
11:42 Am I the only person who writes my #ff tweets on Wednesday then saves them to draft for unleashing on Friday? #
10:30 Wait... This is a true story??? RT @HuffingtonPost: Newt Gingrich bitten by penguin #
10:24 Between the tweets this morning from @lalitkmodi, @rupertmurdoch and @turnbullmalcolm I think my brain's going to explode! #
10:08 Wow. RT @TroveAustralia: Playtime! You can mash, share, re-use and enrich Trove content with our new API. Find out how #
09:58 You mean it wasn't a silly gimmick? RT @RT_com: Julian #Assange explains the 'censored' credits in #TheWorldTomorrow #
09:39 From @IRINNews the story of ten girls seeking to represent #Somalia in the 400m on the track at #London2012 #
09:08 Tony Abbott is giving a press conference in front of a shelf full of Anzac cookies? How patriotic! #auspol #abc24 #

Daily Twitter Posts - 17/04/2012

22:14 On Youtube already, episode 1 of Julian Assange Reads Dorothy Dixers To International Scoundrels - #
22:06 Still think Jules could do with a song or two. I hear Engelbert Humperdinck's making a comeback #
22:02 I suppose getting an interview with the head of Hezbollah was a coup, but otherwise #Assange's show was dull as dishwater. Don't bother. #
21:52 It's a pity Nasrallah's not in the studio with Jules, they could have spun the wheel at the end of the show and given away some cool prizes. #
21:40 Sorry Jules I'm getting bored already. #expectassange #
21:34 Where's the couch? Where's the set? Where's the band? Where's the audience?? #expectassange #
21:22 Something I don't often (indeed, ever), watch the live stream if the Russia Today waiting for the next show to start. #expectassange #twt #
20:56 That better not be The Official Hashtag #twt RT @RT_com: 1 hour to go #ExpectAssange #
18:21 Though I'm really hoping it will be Adele who will finish the show doing a duet with Tupac Shakur's hologram. #assange #twt #
18:19 Wondering who #Assange's first guest will be on #TWT. I'm tipping some Anonymous dude in an Anonymous mask and altered voice. #
18:06 The title's a bit hyperbolic but this piece @henrywinter is interesting: How Twitter changed football - via @Telegraph #
15:57 Russia Today's answer to Graham Norton and Warnie talks about his new chat show which debuts less than 6 hrs from now #
12:10 Try "polliwog" RT @SMHReadersEd Had not thought ''cotton-pickin'' racist but Aust Oxford says it is offensive in US. Is it in Australia too? #
12:09 tells me it's a tadpole. RT @everyword: polliwog #
11:27 9.30pm AEST. But what's the official hashtag? RT @TV_Rev: The new Julian Assange talk show premieres tonight. #
10:21 Brilliant piece by @gregbaum on AOC boss John Coates - #olympics #london2012 #
09:36 New discussion on my #Linkedin #Rugbyleague group: "James Tamou, Australian" #nrl #anzactest #
07:33 That be heavy rain outside. #
07:23 I really do wish the media would stop using the word "finance" to describe the business news. @breakfastnews and many many others. #
06:29 Amazed that in 2012 there's no official Twitter for the #Pulitzer Prizes, but the full list is on their website - #

The Big Bash, And Juggling Cricket’s Three Formats

The 2011-12 season saw the transformation of Australia's state-based "Big Bash" competition into the franchise-based Big Bash League. Here are a few points which I think can be taken away following the inaugural Big Bash League:

My second column for iSportConnect can be read in full at

Daily Twitter Posts - 16/04/2012

22:47 Sigh. RT @everyword: politics #
21:30 Start counting, Queensland. RT @couriermail: Police Minister David Gibson forced to resign for unlicensed driving. Details to follow. #
20:09 Has anyone ever seen @rupertmurdoch and @dannolan_ebooks in the same room? #
19:55 A fine piece on the BBC's last, tragic, day at the Grand National. RT @SportSJA: #
19:14 @NSWRL agreed, not easy choices but I hope it all succeeds because this weekend's a great opportunity to showcase the NSW Cup! #
18:38 Too long. Will get misspelt or ignored. MT @NSWRL: NSWRL hash tags for weekend #foundationchallenge #battleofthebeaches #battleofthewest #
17:16 Here's that @mgthoughtleader piece again with the title and url fixed - (thx @mailandguardian) #
17:00 @mailandguardian thank you for the prompt response. #
16:29 The subs at The Thought Leader, the opinion blog of S.Africa's @mailandguardian could have checked this heading better #
15:39 One to watch for next year's #logies? RT @Noise11Tweets: MIA composes music for Julian Assange's TV show #
13:07 There. The "new" Google Mail postponed again, this time with extensive and thorough feedback. I don't think I threatened violence even once. #
13:03 And, Google, I don't appreciate the text buttons all being replaced with obscure pictograms, thank you very much. #
13:02 I see Google snuck the New Gmail onto my account while I was on vacation. Sneaks. #
09:42 Actually, (w/o seeing the Sunrise i/v) Fitz could be alluding to Hawke's old suggestion of replacing the 6 states with 20 regions #
09:25 Is @fitzhunter suggesting a re-run of the 1967 Northern New South Wales secession referendum? #auspol #nswpol #nnswpol #
09:21 Ah, multi-function memories of what might have been RT @everyword: polis #
09:13 How on Earth can anyone even start to claim that Molly Meldrum's #Logies HoF award is a win for Foxtel? - #
09:08 Ho ho ho. RT @meadea: In case you missed the Herald Sun's explanation of #logies leak #
03:54 Company boss says don't buy his product. MT @rupertmurdoch: Tweeters who don't like particular newspapers don't have to buy them. #
03:27 "openness and transparency are critical parts of our promise to you" Yes by no longer notifying changes to your T&Cs #
03:22 "in response to feedback about reducing emails to users, in the future we may change our Terms without sending all our users" Hmmm. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 15/04/2012

19:59 The astonishing extent to which sponsor's rights are protected at the #london2012 Olympics - #
19:42 If I can't follow the #logies live via Twitter I'm not following them at all. So there. #
19:12 One thing we know for sure about the 2020 Olympics is that they will be held in the northern hemisphere - #
17:45 vale Murray Rose 1939-2012 #
17:08 Early days blah blah blah but 6875 at Blacktown for its #GWS debut is pretty underwhelming. (15k at Centrelink Stadium for the #nrl) #afl #
17:01 0-30 0-30 #NRL RT @PenrithPanthers: guys we know you're disappointed, we are too. #
16:49 Why is Hadley doing the ch9 Sunday #NRL game this week? He's audio wallpaper. I was thinking for a moment that Sterlo was the main caller. #
09:37 I don't think Essendon beating Gold Coast by 17 can be described as Dustin Fletcher "celebrating" his 350th game. #afl #
08:27 Some newspapers should only be published this way. MT @romenesko How the NY Times Matzo edition came to be "published." #
07:45 Gillard, like most PMs, not going to Olympics. And she's going to G20 instead of AOC dinner. As told by the Sun-Herald: #

Daily Twitter Posts - 12/04/2012

16:48 As a tentative Instagram newbie I tend to agree. RT @Colvinius: Instagram? Pointless. @domknight thinks so anyway: #
16:44 +1 RT @FionaKatauskas I dont know what Pinterest really is but I'm disappointed it's not social media for people interested in Harold Pinter #
16:28 Ducklings! @ Swan Bay #
14:17 Goodification sounds like a great topic for a dramality webisode #
13:34 Clive Palmer commissioning an independent inquiry into soccer is like McDonald's paying for a TV doc about its food #
08:08 Today's @newcastleherald #jets #aleague coverage more subdued than yesterday: pages 1, 4, 5, 68, 69, 72 plus editorial and op-ed. #
05:37 Woo hooo! RT @everyword: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis #
05:26 One of my heroes RT @guardianobits: Jack Tramiel obituary. The father of the bestselling Commodore 64 personal computer #

Daily Twitter Posts - 11/04/2012

15:23 It's precipitating down in Newcastle. I left Sydney this morning for this? #
14:27 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 68, 69, 70, 72 - the pages of today's @newcastleherald thrown over totally to #jets #aleague coverage (plus the editorial) #
12:15 How nice of Lake Macquarie to turn on the rain for us today. #
11:59 And the record by plane? RT @farrm51: 255 asylum seekers in 2 boats, a record number for a single day under this govt. #
11:13 A warm welcome. RT @abcmarkscott: Please be upstanding. It appears he has arrived. @PhillipAdamsABC #
11:09 Mobile @conversationEDU website still seems geborken #
09:42 Bizarre notion that the #vbnswcup is "obscure park football" trotted out in today's Tele. - #nrl #
09:14 Rofl. #1d RT @jeloscek: The Occupy Sydney crowd seems to have swelled overnight. #
08:20 I am pleased to say that my 9 year old daughter does *not* like One Direction :) #
08:04 Your #aleague word of the day. RT @everyword: plutocratic #

Daily Twitter Posts - 10/04/2012

14:33 HSG chuck in the #Jets #aleague licence. FFA says they can't do that. See y'all in court, I think." #
13:34 Oh. Dear. RT @JohnSafran: Tweeters discover sinking Titanic was real event | (via @sunili) #
12:32 Provided, of course, they promise never to rename themselves the Hunter Mariners. #aleague #jets #
12:31 I wonder if there's the opportunity now for the @CCMariners to expand their fan base, and maybe home base, northwards? #aleague #jets #
11:24 I wonder how much money our Federal Government will throw at the FFA. Hopefully SFA. #aleague #
11:16 Well that's only 3 teams from greater Sydney in the national competition now. #aleague #
11:14 Today's lesson: Never trust Tinkler. #
08:57 You're linking to a fake? RT @702sydney: Tony Jones @TonyJones_qanda gives his perspective on what happened last night, on air now. #
07:56 Meanwhile, I am being amused comparing the tweets of @sunriseon7 and @tenbreakfast over some unidirectional boy band. #
07:53 Why has the Sydney Morning Herald done a report on last night's confrontation-as-entertainment program on the ABC? #
07:37 Couldn't agree less about Instagram. RT @abcmarkscott: "Facebook lacks soul. Instagram is all soul and emotion." #
06:57 @xdamman that test notification feature is still sending emails #
06:49 Thanks for letting us know. RT @xdamman: @rickeyre apologies, a new notification feature that was misfired. #
06:43 No @xdamman you don't need to send me all these emails to say I'm on a @storify page you're updating. You do know how to suppress them, yes? #
06:23 Strange typo in the Instagram buyout stories. Surely that b in the purchase price was meant to be an m? #
06:03 Oh poo. RT @instagram: We're excited to announce something very big: Instagram + Facebook #