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November 2011

Daily Twitter Posts - 21/11/2011

21:30 Just to prove that I, too, can be dumb, I thought #TheHour would finish at 9.30. It doesn't. Tonight's episode goes for two hours. #abc1 #
21:09 Imagine Britain being chucked out of the London Olympics for non-compliance with WADA rules. Couldn't happen surely? - #
20:34 The Hour. #abc1 now #
20:27 I'm worried now that this talk of D/L in Tests will give ideas to the people at the Supreme Governing Body of #Cricket, ie ESPN Star Sports #
20:25 @FireUpOnFBI oh dear. #
19:52 To all those asking: What were you thinking? MT @OfficialCSA: To all those asking: Duckworth-Lewis cannot be used in Test matches. #cricket #

Daily Twitter Posts - 20/11/2011

23:33 I pont. You pont. Tonight, we're all ponting. #cricket #savaus #
22:32 #cricket RT @ESPNcricinfo: Epic-stat: Lyon, Sunny, Bracewell, Philander, Ashwin and Cummins - six debutants have taken 5-fors since August! #
20:12 I was about to use #Dolly as a hashtag for the late Basil D'Oliveira till I noticed that it's in use for Ms Parton's concert tonight. #
20:07 What was Colin Cowdrey's role in the 1968 "D'Oliveira Affair"? - #cricket #
07:07 All I hope is that Darren Lockyer isn't daft enough to do an Alfie Langer in a year or two. #
07:04 Sigh. Missed the Four Nations final. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 19/11/2011

22:08 Looking forward to seeing Pat Cummins' bowling spell on iView... oh. #cricket #savaus #tinfoiltest #
21:16 A great primer on the life of Basil D'Oliviera, from the South African History Archive - #cricket #
20:13 #nswpol Nats retain Clarence. Labor gets a bounce back after March's massacre. Doubt you can read much into this by-election result. #
17:38 A truly great man of #cricket is gone. RT @News24: Basil d'Oliveira passes away #
12:00 Paging Mr Bolt. RT @AlertNet: How one Indian village has benefitted from climate change #climate #agriculture #apple #
11:47 @upulie yeah. They made some great cartoons. #
11:39 vale the "Hall" of Cosgrove Hall. I loved Danger Mouse RT @NYTObits: Mark Hall, a Creator of ‘Danger Mouse,’ Dies at 75 #
11:01 The company that runs the Quakers Hill nursing home has a disturbing record of non-compliance and is an AMP investment. #
09:49 So many obits/tributes to Peter Roebuck this week. This by Malcolm Knox is among the best. - via @smh #cricket #
07:39 Journalist suspended from US National Press Club for committing journalism against a Saudi prince: (via @JeremyScahill) #

Daily Twitter Posts - 18/11/2011

21:15 (except that the @ph408 account, made famous during the 2009 Ashes, seems to no longer exist. Pity.) #cricket #
21:10 #cricket Seems amazing that Phil Hughes has accumulated 1000 Test runs already, but there he is. Congratulations @ph408! #savaus #
17:14 @InsideCricketOz My guess of the Aus total is 266. #
16:08 I read Bob Ellis' tortuous prose about Obama's visit to Canberra, so you can too - #
12:39 @InsideCricketOz Slight money differential I'd think. Good luck to him. #cricket #
12:35 #cricket So Tom Cooper's selection for Australia-A will mark the end of his Dutch international career then? #
12:32 #cricket Aus-A team named to play NZ. First selection of Inverarity era. Alas, the NSP acronym remains. - #
12:01 Guilty of assault. No conviction recorded. Oh but if we could all be senators. #auspol #maryjo #
02:31 #cricket Can Australia score the 67 required tomorrow to avoid the follow-on? #savaus #

Daily Twitter Posts - 17/11/2011

20:34 Sepp Blatter in his own words - He's got to go. #
20:30 @mrtiedt still way too small a statistical sample to be taken seriously, just like most trending topics #
19:38 Add to my earlier list the T20 franchises who secretly wish for Test players to be dropped just in time for the #BBL season. #cricket #
19:35 Maybe longer? RT @SixersBBL: Congrats to Sixer Pat Cummins! Well deserved selection and great to see him in the whites...until 16 December! #
19:33 @dg79 I reckon he'd be just the man to bring it at 9-21 #
19:30 ROFL. I had 1 #ff last week. RT @followfriday_us: @rickeyre was #750 last week in the Australian FollowFriday Ranking #
18:45 #cricket Of the changes I would have made to the Aus team for T2, rushing Pat Cummins into the team would not have been a priority. #savaus #
18:18 Oh and isn't it good to see channel 9 mastering the art of digital multichannelling yet again? #presidentscup #hotseat #fail #
18:11 2/2 ... or when one of their bowlers takes Sheffield Shield wickets, having bowled many more than 4 overs. #cricket #
18:09 #cricket I love it when Twenty20 franchises jump on the bandwagon when one of their players scores a Sheffield Shield hundred... 1/2 #
17:51 On the other hand, the "Blow Up The Pokies Penrith Panthers" would sound pretty cool. #
15:53 I'm sorry, but however noble the cause, the "Alcohol Think Again Perth Heat" just doesn't cut it as a sports team name. #baseball #abl #
15:36 My daughter is home, with a level of energy and activity that belies having had surgery four days ago. #
10:11 I can confirm that The Cartoon Network is not showing President Obama's address to Federal Parliament. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 16/11/2011

21:47 I need to correct a tweet from this morning. Brett Lee only has 7. It's Tim Cahill who does 9. #
19:44 @InsideCricketOz how quickly we forget Roger Woolley #
18:10 A #charityweds shout to the Sydney Childrens Hospital Foundation @Sydney_Kids supporting a great hospital with great staff #
18:05 @Deuces2you has = had, past tense #
17:59 @Deuces2you Thanks. She has her appendix removed Sunday. Hopefully heading home tomorrow #
17:21 My daughter and I are watching the Cartoon Network on her hospital room TV. Is anything making news today? #
17:07 When I find myself looking through the Coke bottles in the shop for "Share a Coke with Rick", then I know the terrorists have won. #
13:07 #cricket NZ names 13-man squad for Test tour of Australia. - #
11:32 I suppose eating a few toxic fish is the perfect antidote for nine Weet-Bix every morning. #
11:29 Hmm MT @BrettLee_58: Had a quick fish, caught a few good ones. Best fishes, binga. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 15/11/2011

23:06 What portfolio is this? Infrastructure? RT @AlboMP: With #DollyParton prior to her concert tonight - she is a star!! :) #
22:49 Welcome back, Activity-less Twitter :) #
22:43 So if Australia's uranium won't be used by India for weapons does that free them to use more from other countries in their missiles? #auspol #
19:08 RT @JustinianNews: I love the Storification of the #OWS clearance by NY cops #
18:49 Sounds like India are close to scoring as many runs as they have spectators. #cricket #indvwi #
17:26 That all? RT @WeatherAUS: Brisbane recorded its warmest November day today in two years, reaching a maximum of 32.4°C at 11.51am EST. #
16:27 To lose one president is careless. To lose two... RT @RAPacific: #Nauru gets three presidents in a week #
16:09 Oh. My. Dog. The BBL is fast turning into a freak show. RT @danbrettig: MacGill to duel Warne in BBL #cricket #
15:41 The hidden agenda. #cricket RT @SpiceBoxofEarth: No Test championship till 2017. That's assuming the five-day game is still around then. #
15:39 #baseball RT @NYTObits: Irving Franklin, Maker of Batting Gloves, Dies at 93 #
09:13 Australia's Sporting Shame! #kabaddi #
09:10 Don't you hate those brain fades when you can't remember whether kabaddi is spelt with a double-b or a double-d? #
08:03 Cricket's supreme governing body tells the ICC it can't hold a Test championship until 2017 - #cricket #

Daily Twitter Posts - 13/11/2011

23:42 My hero is my brave little 8 year-old girl who had her appendix taken out this afternoon. Night all. #
23:11 Climate scepticism is an "Anglo-Saxon phenomenon" - Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report #
22:27 Whatever you may say about Peter Roebuck as a player, writer and commentator, his disgraceful abuse of power as a coach shouldn't be ignored #
22:02 Hokay. What a weekend it has been. My beautiful daughter no longer has an appendix. #
19:53 In everything I have read today about the late Peter Roebuck, no one has mentioned his 2001 assault conviction: #
11:42 Shocking news about Peter Roebuck. #cricket #

Daily Twitter Posts - 12/11/2011

17:34 @TEDxAdelaide thanks. Looking forward to seeing some great talks! #
17:32 It's been fascinating following #tedxnewy and #tedxadl in tandem on Twitter. Will there video-on-demand of either? @tedxnewy @tedxadelaide #
16:43 Life after the bid RT @hambantota2018 Sri Lanka to use Commonwealth Games Bid as catalyst for life-changing development #
12:46 How would you be if you ran for election and lost to a dead man... oh hello, John Ashcroft! #
12:41 Klout says I am influential in 6 topics. Australia, Sydney, Cricket - ok. Typos - oh yeah! But Mexico? And cars???? #
11:04 Of course the other big sports event news this morning was Doha not getting the 2017 World Athletics Championships :) #
10:24 Sad to see that @Hambantota2018 has gone quiet since the #CG2018 decision. Commiserations on the result. Try again in 2022? #
10:09 Gold Coast Bid's "We Did It" press release talks long about jobs and economy but barely mentions sport - (PDF) #cg2018 #
10:01 Sports program for #CG2018 per Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Bid site - #
09:55 No #cricket in 2018 Commonwealth Games. RT @SixersBBL: Here's hoping they've included T20 by 2018! #
09:40 #TEDxNewy is under way in Newcastle. Ironic event at a time when the local council is imploding over the issue of tree management. #
09:33 Australia hosts the Empire/Commonwealth Games 1938, 1962, 1982, 2006, 2018. Five out of 21. Fair share? #cg2018 #
09:26 So is there any rational reason why, in 2011, I should have ActiveX plugins installed on my PC any more? #
09:09 The crowd at the Gold Coast live site are extremely subdued in comparison to the 1993 Sydney crowd when they won the Olympics. #
09:05 Gold Coast wins. I feel a little sorry for Hambantota. Anna Bligh looks happy, but no repeat of John Fahey 1993. #cg2018 #
07:48 My blog post from October 2010 on the 2018 Commknwealth Games bid - #cg2018 #
07:16 Oi! Channel 7. Where's "Beyond Tomorrow"? @sunriseon7 #
07:06 Call me un-Australian but I don't back the Gold Coast for #CG2018. Why should Australia get the Games again after just 12 years? #